Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM Notebook Review

Our Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM laptop review is a mixture of good and not-so-pleasing views. Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM review, based on team effort, is good overall. First, the good about this notebook: it has a low-price (fairly priced) and has decent features.  Specs are good but not very powerful (see past user reviews if you want to verify). Our own take and experiences in the next paragraph.

In terms of processor, our review of Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM may not serve everybody well. First of all, this is a notebook powered by AMD Sempron SI-42 / 2.1 GHz and we are not really fans of this processor for possessing less power than Core 2 Duo processor. For a hobbyist and casual video gamer the AMD Sempron is ok. However, from our experience in testing MMORPG and other video games, particularly those reviewed here like DOTA (6.6.1b changelogs and maps out already, FYI)  and WOW, AMD Semprons cannot truly satisfy our computing needs. And yes, we might say that we are voracious gamers, most probably just like most of you reading this article now.

Photo of Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM New in the Box

Photo of Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM New in the Box

The video quality of games suffer the most because of sporadic hanging and since we open multiple tabs in Flock and Firefox (around 200 tabs combined), these web browsers don’t respond for a few minutes, meaning the resources are being depleted despite having a 4GB maximum RAM capacity. The laptop  hangs also when we used it to edit several photos using Photoshop and videos using Pinnacle Studio. Although we tested a Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM unit with only 2GB of memory, this should be enough for simple multitasks like opening a few tabs in your browser while playing some music in the background. Of course, downloading of files via Torrents and other legit sites also slowed down a bit due to these factors. Adding more RAM to Compaq Presario could help a bit but still, the processor cannot be upgraded that easily. Sometimes, it’s even better to buy a new laptop instead of  paying for a CPU upgrade because of labor costs plus the price of a new processor that’s almost half the price of a brand new unit. Upgrading the Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM processor, is not really practical in our opinion, to say the least.

Now, since stating at the start of this review of Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM laptop that one variable we considered in posting our own view is the user type – casual, gamer, power – then we cannot recommend this to the last two groups. For the causal computer user, this notebook will work just fine. For gamers and power users (programmers, video and photo editors, active multitasker) you might find that this notebook lacks enough power to help you finish your job on time due to some errors (some are mentioned above).

If you have purchased CQ60-419WM already, please feel free to post your comments or responses to this Compaq Presario laptop’s performance. We’ll be more than pleased to hear what your side of the story. You may read related posts about this gadget and evaluate yourself its specs and features.

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  1. Meh says:

    Been several years since I bought the CQ-60 419wm and it has been abused heavily by my stepson who would leave it running for days on end. I inherited it back when he went to college and dove into repairing it. After removing a pound of dirt and replacing the fan and battery (total cost $18) I was back in business with a quiet, cool, 2 hr+ battery working laptop. I had originally dumped Vista and loaded XP (that worked OK but getting the drivers was a pain). I now dumped the XP (end of life 4/14) in lieu of Ubuntu 12.04 and I’m amazed at the performance. Even with only 1 GB of RAM it snaps to fairly quickly. Movies and videos play well however it won’t give you HD of course. All the functions work flawlessly. If a site doesn’t support Linux/Ubuntu then I can do without it (hearing me Netflix?). Its a great cheap laptop that has enough juice. I wouldn’t try and upgrade it anymore but for what it is…that’s fine.

  2. red ryder says:

    I bought the compaq presario cq60-419wm. Within the first year started getting blue screen. This unit was returned for service three times with no improvement. On line help was futile; online chat was useless. Now that it is out of warranty all I get is “$125.00″ to attempt repair. Why would I pay them to try to do what they were unable to do on three other occasions. Stay away from this machine. Mine is virtually useless.

  3. Cduthie says:

    soz said that wrong you can not hear anything what the people in the game are saying on assassin’s creed 1 and I really would apppreciate any solutions thanks

  4. Lou says:

    MY IPHONE CABLES WONT WORK!!!!! I have the iphone. The original cable will sync it just fine but I have bought like 5 different cables and they wont work. When I plug it in it acts as if I am plugging it in and out. They work on every one else’s computer but mine. I have all the latest drivers and everything. I am going nuts. Tried calling the company and no help. If anyone has an iphone an a third party cable trying sticking it in your cq60. I hope I am not the only one.

  5. jessica says:

    OK I am having a problems with the CD /DVD drive. My boyfriends bought this for me during the walmart deal as many of you did. Now I believe I played a DVD once and I keep trying and it just pops out with DVD PLAY and Windows Media doesn’t support it. I contacted COMPAQ support and all they said was to check if the restore disks work, if they don’t we can replace them because if the warranty. THE DISKS WORK. So now what do I do. :( If any of you had this problem, please let me know how you fixed it. I had my 3 year old on a plane and thought it was a good idea to play a movie too keep her in her seat, but it never worked. PLEASE any help.

  6. Sam says:

    well, got the laptop. it was gifted to me.

    The good :
    1. its really neat looking
    2. Good HD screen.

    The Bad :
    1. Battery is Seriously worse.
    2. CPU is just simple a joke.

    well im working on improving the CPU and Upgrading the Ram. Hope it make things better :)

  7. Julie says:

    the sound card isn’t up to par. It can only record or play. not both.

    any recommendations in what full-duplex soundcard i can replace the sound card with?

  8. mansoor says:

    i have cq60 with nvidia 8200 graphics. but the video performance is very low and stupid and battery very bad

    i already using another hp laptop – the hp 6725 with turion X2 ati hd 3200 graphics. very good for gaming,video editing

  9. Michelle Byerly says:

    I got this computer, and the next day took it to town to use wifi to download upgrades, antivirus and such (I am on dial up) the screen started to flicker. so badly I couldnt read anything.

    I took it home, tried to use it and the same thing. I got tech, they made me do 100 diagnostic tests, finally decided to return it for repair. they changed the inverter, heatsink and cable. Got it back, that night, it started flikering again. Called back, after aother (the same) 100 tests, they allowed me to send it back –this time they changed the LCD panel. after getting it back the second time, it was flickering again. this time the tech wanted the motherboard changed, istead they changed the LCD panel, inverter and cable kit again. I got it back a 3rd time and it still flickers, I finally, after HOURS on the phone got them to agree to exchange it. This is the worst expeirence I have ever had. I dont care what I paid for something, I deserve to get proper and helpful assistance.

  10. Mr. Jones says:

    Bought the laptop for my fiancee’ and it is MUCH better than then Dell Inspiron B130 craptop she was using before. I uninstalled the bloatwear and norton and replaced it with AVG Free. The processor does OK with the net usage she uses it for (FB’ing, MySpace Mobsters [why is that SOOOO popular?] and email) and I have had no complaints yet.

    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on it and it ZOOMS! I had a driver issue with the video card but Ubuntu found the necessary drivers and installed them without a problem. (I wonder if I can Hackintosh it.)

    Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM Notebook sold for only $300 dollars is a steal in my opinion. A full fledged laptop with a REAL screen. DVD watching, internet browsing, minor word processing. You can’t beat it.

  11. Mikeymx5 says:

    Dude what is up with everyone wanting to buy a 300.00 laptop and complaining about its not a gaming rig?

    Find me one other laptop in that price range that has NVidia Graphics.

    So I love it it runs fast in Vista, my model came with 3gigs of ram.

    I installed Rainbow 6 Vegas just to test the rig and it played fine, and looked great.

    Only thing that Im missing that really wanted was the SD card slot and HDMI port but that is not an option and no you cannot add it later. It was removed from the motherboard to reduce cost. The only way to add it would be to replace the complete Mother board which will run you 124.00.

    I did do some research and you can upgrade the CPU to a AMD S1 socket processor. I got my hands on a $45.00 AMD Athlon 64 dual core, that will be going into this rig, but it doesnt need it for the average JOE!

    Bottom Line is $300.00 bucks this is a sweet deal.

    My recommendations if you get one:
    1) Remove Norton Virus scan and install AVG – Free.
    2) Update your directX, mine was missing files out of the box and caused performance problems.

    • Dale Borja says:

      Hi! I was wondering how your CPU upgrade went? I’m also thinking of max’ing out the memory – swap 1GB stick with 2GB?


      • mikeymx5 says:

        easy to do and works great

        Download the service manual from HP read it over and it list the available cpus for the laptop.

        You will need the manual to get the 100 screws back in place.

  12. justine says:

    i just bought this laptop randomly one day when i went to walmart. i happened to pass by the table where they had them displayed and was wondering why they even had any in stock a week after the deal! so i bought one impulsively. been using it for a couple hours so far. no complaints. all i really need a computer for is to surf the internet- facebook, youtube, email, blogs, whatever. occasional watching of tv shows when i miss an episode, and someday in the future when i go back to school, i’ll probably use it for research and papers. sooo based on everything people have been saying, this should be good enough for my needs. here are my questions though-

    should i get the extra 2 year warranty offered at walmart for 50 bucks more? i can go back and buy it but i want to make sure its worth it. anyone deal with warranty issues with compaq/hp before? good or bad experiences?

    i want to uninstall everything that i dont need on this computer. but the thing is, i don’t really know what i need and dont need in that list of programs. if a program doesnt look or sound familiar to me, i feel like i dont need it… but is that wrong?? i dont want to go by this method and then accidentally uninstall something super important to keep my machine running smoothly.

    do you recommend getting a laptop cooler? worth the money? any good websites/stores to get a good inexpensive one?

    if i think of more questions i’ll post again. thanks!!

    • Mikeymx5 says:

      This laptop runs very cool, dont worry about a laptop cooler unless you will be setting it on the carpet, the vent location may cause problems in that case.

      This laptop came with very little crap software, I would uninstall Norton Virus scan and install AVG free.

      If you do a search on the internet you will see a study that out of all virus scans Norton hogs more resources and has almost 50% more performance loss. AVG free was one in the bottom of the list for resource hogs and it is free.

  13. Laura says:

    Considering the price, I think this laptop is great. I got it on sale at Wal-Mart the other day, as many others seem to have done. Besides the drawback of having Vista (although I don’t seem to have very many problems with it, besides occasional freezing), I think it’s well worth the price if you need a computer for small things like word processing and doing reports and such. :]

    I don’t really like how it doesn’t come with restart disks, however… making your own is very cumbersome if you only have CD-R’s.

    • Quan says:

      I hope you haven’t gone through the trouble of creating the Recovery Discs using CD-R media. It will require 16 CDs instead of just 2 DVDs.

      It is much better to buy yourself some blank DVD+R to create the Recovery Discs set. The user is allowed to create ONLY 1 set of Recovery Discs.

      • Laura says:

        Unfortunately, I have. We had plenty of them, though, and I’m doing it 3 or 4 at a time as not to overheat the computer. I very much doubt I’ll need them anyways… as it has the built-in reboot. If it crashed that badly that I couldn’t access that, I’d just go get it fixed or replace it anyways.

  14. Jarrett says:

    I’ve owned one of these for a week now andd it has been my main computer for everything. Programming really wasn’t a problem and hulu does work in full screen very well if you click the pop-out first. Gaming is excellent, even on MMORPGs and emulators. Torrents run great, for $300, it is definitely worth purchasing and runs great. Absolutely no complaints

    • Cduthie says:

      @Jarrett, it is seriously not that good for games like Assassin’s creed 1. i’ve had this version on vista basic. You cant actually hear most things what the people are saying it is good for some mmorpg’s but not proper games i have 3gigs ram processor 2.10 ghz and 120 gs but still no go but i would really appreciate help to fix this in any way pos thks

  15. EJ says:

    I purchased this yesterday at Wal-Mart, and I’ve been testing other operating system versions to see how things go. I’ll try to come back and report what I discovered.

    First off, I downgraded to XP Pro to see how the machine would handle the downgrade. It performed above the standard of my old HP latpop (which maxed out at 2gb of RAM). Once the drivers were installed properly (there is a handy guide over at HP called “General XP Downgrade Guide for XP Laptops” that saved me a lot of headaches @, the machine was up and running. It seemed to handle multiple windows well and operated rather smoothly. However, I did notice occasional “page tearing”, meaning that the redrawing done by maximizing and minimizing various windows yielded sometimes bad results.

    Because it comes with Vista pre-installed, I’ll skip explaining what it’s like with Vista — an operating system whose legacy of failure is well-deserved.

    That being said, I have just installed Windows 7 Ultimate RTM on this machine for the purposes of testing. The installation went exceptionally smoothly and, after turning off some of Windows 7’s “bells and whistles” (the Aero themes, the sound schemes), the machine has run like a champ. It runs multiple windows with ease, multiple applications with fervor.

    I am currently testing Linux installs and will report back what I find.

    The drawbacks to this machine are many:

    a) I don’t believe it will handle heavy gaming well at all
    b) the built-in speakers lack serious power
    c) There are no firewire or HDMI ports on this laptop
    d) There are only 3 USB ports
    e) There is no built-in webcam
    f) The hard drive is only 160GB

    This product ranks just barely above a netbook in terms of its feature, in my opinion. The 3GB of memory and the nVidia 8200M Video Card more than make up for the lacking in the other features.

    If you are okay without any of the features I just mentioned, this laptop is a stellar value which can be very useful for everyone from students to people who need a laptop for simple uses — internet and email or possibly an extra machine.

    • Gary says:

      They have deleted the downgrade help page at HP, oh well I was about to give it a shot. It’s probably online somewhere…

    • Hydroinny says:

      I also own this laptop – Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM notebook.. Great deal for $300. I would like to let you know i have done testing also and found if you uninstall norton and install avg from its performance increases very much… I did however find that i had to remove the 2 dimms and put them back in 1 gig stick into 2 gig slot and 2 gig stick into 1 gig slot and the performance is now all that and then some… also download new driver from for the latest graphic drivers and WoW and Everquest 2 kick butt.. also i run windows 7 version 7600 from technet and it performs well with everything… also i just put in a TL58 turion and it runs great.. i had it kicking around from an old dell so 64 bit runs fine… so upgrades are possible just expensive for the processor, and i found that the dvd speed sucks for recording… only 8x, will be upgrading that but before upgrades 4 out of 5 stars from me and after a CPU upgrade it is worth the 300.00 if you can find a laptop with a busted screen and an amd turion 64 for around 50.00 just look on ebay and see what you can find for a parts laptop and make sure its socket S1 and turion and you’ll be all set…

  16. alan says:

    just bought this Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM notebook and soo far it is great, no complaints. As you said though, i am a causal user. I accidentally sat on my old laptop and broke the screen so i went out to wal-mart and bought this notebook for $350 with a 3 year warranty. I am using this computer mainly for internet use, very cheap, decent features. if you need a cheap laptop, go for it.

  17. Exit says:

    I should mention that Youtube HD videos played perfectly in full screen using Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM notebook. Besides Hulu, ABC’s Move player also played poorly.

  18. Exit says:

    My girlfriend picked up a Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM laptop the other day and the initial impression was good. One of our favorite uses of a laptop are watching programs on Hulu, but this is where everything got worrisome. The video playback was fine while watching on the webpage itself, but full screen mode was unbearable. For some reason, full screen mode chunks along at about 1 frame per couple seconds.

    Baffled by this, I immediately began reviewing the tasks and services running on the system. I’ve avoided Vista, but I was quick to disable the flashy Aeroglass stuff (without realizing that Aeroglass existed). This did not help. I culled about 20 tasks, tried Firefox and IE, nothing helped.

    After doing some research, I found that some people thought the processor itself was part of the equation, but clearly it isn’t the problem. Instead, since most web based video is Adobe Flash videos (flv files), Flash itself appears to be the problem. I’ve not narrowed it down, but it has been suggested that it is a Vista data handler issue, that basically the route taken is causing the delays.

    I’ve tried right clicking and disabling hardware acceleration, changing to low quality, but nothing helped. My next steps will be to try a suggested solution of installing VLC with the Firefox plug in which apparently corrects this problem. Second, I bet that an older version of Flash would fix this.