Compaq CQ 50 139WM Compared With Other Laptop Brands: A Review

Compaq CQ 50 139WM update: If I were to review the full specifications of the Compaq CQ 50 139WM laptop, I could say that it’s not much compared with Macbook or Lenovo Ideapad S10 notebooks. 

If you want to find out why, then click on the different links of laptops/notebooks in this site and see for yourself if Compaq CQ 50 139WM can match the power of those notebooks. However, the sale price of Compaq CQ 50 139WM is very enticing (under $300 in Walmart stores in the US). If that is enough to convince you to buy a CQ 50 139WM laptop, then go for it. Just a friendly reminder: study the user reviews of the laptop you’re eyeing before finally puchasing one. :-)

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