Apple iPad Tablet PC Priced at $499 Increased Buyer Interest

I feel so vindicated. I have been predicting and hoping fervently that Steve Jobs will come out with a mass-market price for the new Apple Tablet PC named iPad (not iSlate or iTablet as many expected). A few days ago at Apple’s Big Event, my prediction came true. Geeks and gadget-lovers around the world are celebrating Apple’s decision to sell its now legendary Apple Tablet PC for so low. Experts are already forecasting that the Apple iPad will sell millions of units once it is available this March 2010.

Apple iPad Tablet PC

Apple’s iPad is going to crush all the competition. Steve Jobs cunning tactic of offering a premium product at such an affordable price will insure the iPad’s success. Consumers will still prefer to own an Apple Tablet PC rather than an Asus or Acer or HP. The only way other companies can compete with the Apple iPad is to offer sub-$300 tablet computers. I myself, will not consider buying a $500 HP Slate even if it has more than 16GB storage and better specs. I am going to buy the iPad without any qualms and you should too. Since time immemorial, the gang from Cupertino always makes the best computer hardware on the planet.

Do not be fooled by the low price of the iPad, it packs serious features that are meant to be crowd-pleasers. This breakthrough device is only 0.5” thick and weighs 1.5 lbs – thinner and lighter than most netbooks. Apple created special 12 Multi-touch applications for the iPad. Each of these apps runs seamlessly in landscare or portrait mode. The iPad will also run all the 140,000 mobile phone applications designed for iPhone now at iTunes store! Browsing the web will be a pleasure. Its 9.7” of precise and multi-touch screen offers a new experience of surfing the net and accessing your social networks. No need for a keyboard, the iPad offers an almost-full size virtual keyboard that is intuitive to use.

The iPad syncs with iTunes so you can download 11 millions songs, 50,000 TV shows, and 8,000 films. Apple is set to open its iBookstore where you will be able to get digital versions of bestsellers, magazines, science and educational publications, and top newspapers. I sure am in the line to buy the 16GB version of the iPad. I have no need for a bigger capacity since the iPad has USB, Wifi and 3G capabilities so file transfers won’t be a problem at all.

In addition to this, Apple also released the Software Development Kit for the iPad. Developers can now take advantage of the bigger display of the iPad to create new exciting applications. I am also grateful that Apple is including a Mac Emulator for the iPad SDK so I can test out my future apps on my old Mac Mini laptop.

by Almario Alcaraz, Jr., Contributor

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  13. Nate says:

    I respectfully disagree with the author and feel the Apple IPad, while being well built, lacks so many features (handwriting recognition, Flash, a camera, a stylus for precise control for example) that when presented with something from Asus (Who makes very good portable devices btw)Consumers will not just buy it because it is cheaper. They will buy it because it is more powerful, more functional, and then laugh as the Apple fanbois who jumped the gun at launch, rush out and buy IPad 2.0 next year, thus rendering their IPad 1.0 an expensive uni-body aluminum, Apple Branded paper weight.