Samsung 14″ Notebook With Transparent LCD Screen Specs and Features Unveiled

This should be interesting other the new Asus U Series Bamboo Collection Laptop Models. Samsung Electronics of South Korea exhibited an amazing 14-inch notebook with transparent LCD screen at FPD China 2011 event in Shanghai. The Samsung prototype notebook was equipped with a more features and specs than your regular laptop, I tell you. But that is another story. Here’s a preview if you dare read this news.

Samsung 14" Transparent LCD Screen Notebook Release Date

Care to own a distinctive laptop? How about a Samsung notebook with a 14" see-through LCD screen!

The see-through display of this Samsung laptop has a 1680 x 1080 resolution and has white LED light units on its four sides. This is an incredible feat for the Korean company since transparent LCD panels were said to be impossible to make since LCD requires backlighting.

However, as demonstrated by Samsung representatives, their notebooks with transparent LCD screen uses outside light to create a solid backlight. Turned off, the display will just be that see-through panel but once turned on, the notebook’s display functions like a regular LCD screen. They used a transparent LCD panel which is of VA mode type and its transmittance rating is 14-15%. Again this is a testament to Samsung’s creativity to produce great laptops such as the Samsung ZX310 9 Series Notebook, which they released in January this year.

Samsung plans to launch notebook models with transparent LCD screens by late 2011 or early 2012. Official release date has yet to be announced. The company also showed 22-inch and 46-inch see-through LCD screens which they say will be sold to commercial signage firms.

Will you be buying one? A small laptop with transparent screen should be amusing! Bring one to the office or school and be the center of curious onlookers.

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