Nextbook Next5 Android Tablet Computer with APEN Digital Pen Technology Price and Specs

With so many Android tablet models flooding the market today like the cheap Archos 7c Home Tablet PC, it’s really hard to stand-out despite the low price tags set by manufacturers. But Nextbook is proud to say that they are the only company right now that’s bringing a really unique Android tablet to the masses. Their latest Next5 is a 7-inch Android tablet that features APEN Digital Pen Technology! It’s the first of its kind and its low price of $299 makes it very attractive for me! A cheap tablet PC is almost always a good news to buyers, IMHO.

NextBook Next5 Apen Digital Pen Technology Tablet PC Price, Specs and Features

This Android tablet is the first to feature APEN Digital Pen Technology. You can write on it like a regular paper! But I want to draw with it, draw Paris Hilton in her most compromising state!

As you all know by now, my main day job is photoshopping pictures and so I’m very much impressed with the Next5 because of my fondness for Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet. The Nextbook Next5 is shipping with the old Android OS 2.1 Eclair but nevertheless, the Digital Pen that comes free with it, makes it a good buy.

There’s no other Android tablet I know of that can equal the Next5 because it’s the only tablet that will let you write notes, sketch a drawing or draw a business plan with a dedicated APEN digital pen! The APEN digital pen connects to the Next5 tablet via wireless connection. It’s awesome to note that operating it like a regular pen is a seamless experience because your scribbles instantly appears on the 7-inch screen!

The Nextbook Next5 isn’t a gaming machine but it’s more geared to the business professionals who like jotting notes. The 7-inch TFT color display of this tablet is just right for scribbling important meeting notes and memos. It only has a 2GB of internal storage space but it can be expanded easily via the microSD slot. There’s Wi-Fi but no 3G or Bluetooth for the Next5 but I’m happy it comes with a built-in speaker. At least, you can still watch a movie or play some music on this device.

I’m also a bit upset that this tablet won’t come with pre-installed Google Android Market. You will have to install another third-party app source if you want to load more applications on the Next5. This tablet however, is already installed with free 25 ebooks and has a special eBook Store App for direct purchasing of more books.

There’s no arguing that sooner or later, a developer will release an Android app that emulates the functions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or most of the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 (CS 5.5) softwares. Graphic artists like me will really maximize the benefits of the Next5 tablet’s APEN Digital Pen Technology once a corresponding graphics editing app is released for the Android OS. But for the meantime, lets just be content in sketching cartoons and whimsical drawings of our modern life.

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