Jolicloud Dual Core Jolibook Netbook Release Date in the UK Leaked, US and Canada to Follow

French company, Jolicloud, is rumored to be launching their Jolibook web-centric netbooks in the UK on November 19. Jolicloud is also the name of their web-centric operating system which served as an inspiration for the under-development Google Chrome OS for Netbooks.

Jolicloud Jolibook Netbook UK Release Date, US and Canada Schedule Later

Can't wait for Google Chrome OS? Try the cloud-based OS in the new Jolicloud Jolibook netbook!

This is going to the first official netbook from the company. It’s a premiere showcase of the power and beauty of cloud-based operating systems. Jolicloud is a unique operating system based on Ubuntu Linux and HTML 5 technology.

The Jolibook is a top of the line netbook that comes with dual core Intel Atom 1.5GHz N550 processor and has a 250GB hard drive. But unlike other competing brands, the Jolibook will come cheaper because Jolicloud is free while the Windows 7 OS is not.

The Jolicloud OS has an elegant and web-centric user interface. Both web apps and native applications can run seamlessly together in one machine. The Jolibook is not a crippled machine like what critics of Google Chrome OS has been saying.

Since this machine took cues from Ubuntu, the Jolibook will be more than just a social networking device. It has full-pledged office and system applications like the free OpenOffice 3.2, Mozilla Firefox web browser, and GIMP.

Google and its partners are yet to ship out a Chrome OS-enabled netbook so Jolicloud beats them to it. Many people has road tested Jolicloud on a variety of netbook from HP, Acer and others. All agreed, Jolicloud is much faster than Windows 7 or any Linux distros.

The US release date of Jolicloud Dual Core Jolibook Netbook will shortly follow. Canada residents might get to see this netbook in stores simultaneous with US buyers. Some insiders even said it could come out early in December.

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