System76 Starling Netbook Specs, Price, Release Date in the US and UK

System76 has recently announced that they are now accepting online purchase orders for one of their latest Linux-flavored netbooks, the Starling. For a mere $385, you get to own an Intel Atom Dual Core powered mini-laptop that runs on Linux Ubuntu 10.04.

System76 Starling Dual Core Netbook Release Date, Review, Specs

If you want to try out the latest dual-core netbooks, consider buying the Starling from System76. It sells for less than US$390.

This is somewhat challenging other laptop and notebook makers who recently announced their own powerful netbook models such as ASUS Eee PC 1015PN Netbook and Dell Inspiron Mini 10 4G Netbook.

Considering that the Starling is coming with the latest Intel 1.5GHz N550 Atom Dual Core processor, the less than $400 for this netbook is very surprising. What’s more, System76 will also be shipping the Starling with default 2GB of DDR3 RAM! That’s twice as much as you would find in other netbook brands.

The Starling netbook has also a major advantage being an Ubuntu machine. It doesn’t have any Windows 7 so it doesn’t come with hardware restrictions dictated by Microsoft. You can configure this product to your heart’s content.

System76 will accept any upgrade request for the Starling. For example, you want a bigger hard drive just say so and you will get up to 500GB of storage for it. You want a high performance solid state drive, you can have it too. It’s fully customizable and you can’t get that from stock netbooks from other companies like HP, Acer or Asus. The most basic upgrade you should consider for the Starling is to ask System76 to upgrade it to a 6-cell battery by just adding $59.00!

The company is restricting sales to the States for now. No word on the official release date in the US for now. However, they are planning to ship to international markets especially Europe. The manufacturers also disclosed that the System76 Starling Netbook release date in the UK will be by the end of November.

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