Apple Tablet PC Announced: Possible Price and Nice Features Revealed

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is really expanding this 2010 with its intent to release a Tablet PC. According to the venerable business publication Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs will make a rare appearance on Apple’s quarterly report on January 27, 2010 (today). No official release date for the Apple Tablet PC has been included in the report but is expected that Apple Tablet PC will be officially unveiled to the public. Is this Apple’s response to Hewlett-Packard’s HP Slate Tablet PC? I suspect so. Competition is good for us consumers.

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The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Apple will be unveiling its much-talked about Tablet PC. However, the said newspaper refused to confirm the exact name for this tablet PC. Geeks around the world have been debating fiercely about it, and rumor has it that the Apple Tablet PC will either be called iSlate or iPad! I myself think Apple will call it the iNinja or something.

Apple is taking a different approach for their tablet PC. Instead of giving away free content over their product; the company is deep in talk with publishers and content providers on how they can monetize their contents over the tablet PC. The legendary Steve Jobs is confident he can revolutionize textbooks, print and tv media businesses with the tablet PC. He already did it with the iPod and iTunes. The old music industry got pummeled by Apple this decade. The big record companies had no choice but to follow the lead of Apple and its all-too powerful iTunes music store. iTunes now accounts for 25% of all music sales in the U.S. and is the dominant music retailer online with 69% market share. It is the world’s biggest and most profitable music retailer.

The Apple Tablet PC is being targeted to become the premier household gadget for all family members to share. Steve Jobs has been busy converting reluctant educators and publishers to offer textbook content, news, entertainment and games on the tablet PC platform. Newspapers and magazines have suffered serious decline of readers due to the pervasive influence of the internet where news and articles are being distributed for free. Apple is in talks with big publishers like the New York Times Co., Conde Nast Publications and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Steve Jobs hopes to convince them that the tablet PC will be an ideal and secure platform for their content.

The Tablet PC is also being promoted as an alternative device for viewing TV shows. Apple is also in negotiation with CBS and ABC regarding a monthly subscription service for them. Furthermore, Apple is already cooperating with giant game publisher Electronic Arts on testing the Tablet PC’s gaming capabilities. Apple computers have always lagged behind PC when it comes to games. Steve Jobs is hoping to change that with his new Tablet PC.

In my opinion the upcoming tablet PC is going to have a major impact on the technology world. Apple has done it with its revolutionary iPod, iTunes, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Steve Jobs is the messiah and history will show that he made more important contribution to the world than Bill Gates could ever dream of. Apple Tablet PC features will include a 10-inch diagonal touchscreen, Wifi-enabled, Netflix-ready and has the ability to read eBooks, among others. Technical specs will be posted here when they become available. The rumored price is $1,000! Pricey. If you want a cheap Tablet PC model, I recommend you check out Fujitsu LifeBook 5.6″ Touchscreen UltraMobile PC (FPCM21341).

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