New iPod Nano-Chromatic Released (8GB and 16GB)

iPod Naco-Chromatic in 9 different colorsMeet the New Apple iPod Nano-Chromatic. A new breed of iPod’s, the Nano-Chromatic units come in 6GB and 16GB capacities. Selling prices start from $149 for the 8GB iPod Nano-Chromatic units and $199 for the 16GB model. Prices vary in locations so check out the iPod Store for more details before you buy. Shipping costs of iPod Nano-Chromatic also vary which affect the total cost of the products.

Also, for the 8GB iPod Nano-chormatic model, Apple guarantees that you can store 2000 songs/8 hours of videos. For the 16GB model, 4000 songs/16 hours of videos. Not bad for a slim music player.

Personally, I think the iPod Nano-Chromatic is a cool gadget. I would definitely get myself one. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if iPod Nano-Chromatic units are available in the Philippines. But I’m willing to wait a little while. I think it will not take 30 days before iPod Nano-Chromatic becomes available in the Philippine market. I’m sure the stores will be flooded by eager music enthusiasts when that time comes. As of now, the prices of iPod Nano-chromatic in the Philippines are projected between Php 20-30k (crude price estimates based on trends in the Philippines).

If you have some money to spare, maybe you can check out the latest iPhone 3G or Blackberry Thunder/Storm to go hand in hand with iPod Nano-Chromatic. These are hot items in the market today so check them out for features and specifications in this site.

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  1. tristan says:

    its the best download ever by itunes

  2. iris says:

    Doesn’t it cost only 7,500??? I checked on e-bay and the price range is bet. 7k-8k?

    • jessie says:


      Check again if the iPod Nano-Chromatic sold at eBay is brand new, original or clone. The prices of iPod Nano-Chromatic included here are projections. These figures were based on trends. If the iPod Nano-chromatic units on eBay are brand new and original, and only priced between Php 7k-8K, I strongly suggest you buy them.

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      • iris says:

        Thanks. I will check it out again. Coz’ if the price exceed 20k, I don’t think I will be able to buy it.

        • jessie says:


          No problem. Enjoy your iPod Nano-chromatic if you have purchased it already. Get the 16GB model to fully enjoy the iPod Nano-chromatic’s great features.

  3. Joyoz says:

    8GB lang yung akin fren at hindi chromatic hehehe…parehas lang ata eh kaso may dinagdag lang 16GB at shake technology eto fren ano?

    Joyozs last blog post..Let us take the time to pause and to think

    • jessie says:


      yup, the new iPod Nano-chromatic (8GB or 16GB) implements the shake technology. just shake the unit and the orientation of the screenview changes. :-)