Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth Price and Features

The Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth is considered the world’s first high fidelity wireless sports speaker. This portable speaker is lightweight and just about the size of your palm. It is a better iPod speaker to carry around than the DreamGear Audio Box.

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Since is it compact and lightweight, the Cy-fi Wireless Sports Speaker is easy to mount on a bike and use it with iPod, iPhone or any Bluetooth device.

Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth is also compatible with the iPhone 4. This gadget is wireless unlike the Portable 2.1 Stereo Mini Speaker that still needs an audio cable.

More features of Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker are shown in this video.

Cy-fi High Fidelity Wireless Sports Speaker is available in two models – the iPod/iPhone version and the Bluetooth version. It is offered in three variants – black, silver and red. The Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth has regular retail price of $149.99 with FREE shipping on Amazon. On eBay, it is available for only $69.99 except shipping fee.

If you get lucky, grab one of these wireless speakers at the daily sale store. Today on Woot, 1 Cy-fi Wireless Sports Speaker – Shock & Water Resistant, Track & Volume Control, Li-ion Battery (New) can be purchased for only $45 (shipping included).

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  1. […] No need to buy additional stuff because mounting gears are already packaged with it.Like the Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker that is mountable on sports or fitness machines, the Swann HD SportsCam can be mounted on a helmet, […]

  2. Richard Champion says:

    Hello, I recently purchased the cy fi model 18 for iPhone and I’m haveing trouble operating it. When I turn on the speaker I get a blinking blue light not a solid blue light. Do you know what would cause this problem? When I plug in the transmitter I do get a blinking blue light.

    Please help!

    Thank you, Richard