iPhone MMS Not Working? iPhone 3.1 with iPhone MMS Update

Is your iPhone MMS not working? Many users may have been confused on the method of iPhone 3.1 with iPhone MMS Update. According to online news, the iPhone MMS Update worked just fine. However, iPhone MMS wasn’t working because the MMS button is missing. To get your iPhone MMS to work, you have to reboot your iPhone first. If you’re iPhone MMS is not working, try to follow these instructions from AT&T.

iPhone MMS Update available in iPhone 3

iPhone MMS Update available in iPhone 3

iPhone MMS Not Working? Here is how to enable iPhone MMS Update in iPhone 3.1 operating system:

To enable MMS messaging, connect your iPhone to your computer and click “Check for Update” in iTunes. Once the update is completed, restart your iPhone by turning it off then on again. Note that iPhone OS 3.1 is required so you may need to update your software first.

If these instructions are still vague for you, we will be providing another post on iPhone Update September 25, 2009 which shall provide a demo video on how to enable your iPhone MMS Update. Enjoy AT&T’s iPhone 3.1 OS with iPhone video and picture messaging.

If you have updated successfully and your iphone mms is not working (or iphone not sending), the problem may have been on the carrier. As we’ve said in our previous article, iPhone MMS Update: Can AT&T Handle iPhone MMS Successfully?, an unofficial report predicted that AT&T may experience system outages on the sudden surge of iPhone MMS participants.

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  1. Keith says:

    I am having no problem. Upgraded for the 1st iPhone and got a 3GS and everyone I send and receive picks and vids from works fine. I do seem to get at least 1 carrier setting a week when I sync my phone.

  2. David says:

    I just did the 3.1 update on my 3GS through the latest Itunes. After install, it auto installed the carrier settings. I have the camera icon and everything. Here’s the catch. Iphone users can send me pictures. I can send pics to other iphones. HOWEVER, people WITHOUT iphones are NOT getting my pics. Txt works like normal though.

  3. Katelyn says:

    I officially hate my phone. I have reset it…re-started it…done everything possible to get the iphone MMS to work, which is not working up to now. I have the camera in the lower left hand corner, however when I attempt to send a picture it shows it trying to send and then just won’t end up sending and saying “error try again”. I sincerely hope the iphone OS 3.1 update will do eliminate the error. Gotta try this…

  4. Taylor says:

    I update to iPhone OS 3.1 and turned off and on my iPhone and I still have no camera icon in the bottom left corner. What the hell?

  5. iPhone 3GS user says:

    is there any iPhone patch to make the MMS work as expected? i heard from a friend that an iPhone MMS patch will be available via itunes 9.0… am not sure if this is just a rumor. can you confirm or find out soon? thanks dude!