iOS 4.3 Update: iPhone iOS 4.3 Software Update Features

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2 features and technical specs which mainly boasted the new tablet PC’s hardware specifications. Jobs also announced the iPad 2 release date and price. After which, Scott Forstall (SVP iOS Software) took over the stage to present the new iOS 4.3 that will be on the iPad 2.

iOS 4.3 Features, iOS 4.3 Release Date, iPad 2 Features, Apple iOS 4.3 on iPad 2

Scott Forstall, SVP iOS Software, presenting the highlighted features of the upcoming iOS 4.3 software.

Here are the iPad 2/iOS 4.3 features as presented in yesterday’s Apple media conference. This is Scott Forstall with iOS 4.3 version’s highlights.

As a summary, the iPhone iOS 4.3 software offers better Safari performance, iTunes home sharing, AirPlay improvements, iPad side switch, Personal hotspot for iPhone 4.

Other than the iPad 2, iOS 4.3 software update for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will be available as a free download. Watch out for iOS 4.3 release date next week.

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