How to Install iOS 5 Beta on iPhone or iPad for Non-iOS Developers

Apple released the Developer’s Copy of iOS 5.0 Beta 1 to select group of people on June 6, 2011. There’s a trick on how to do it for those who want to try this new operating system but aren’t Bonafide Apple-certified iOS developer. This exploit was discovered by Mert Erdir, a young iOS apps developer.

Erdir’s technique showed it was easy to install iOS 5 on iPhone 4 or iPad 2 even if one doesn’t have an authentic Developer’s account. Before trying this technique, please be informed that this trick may brick your phone or iPad so do these steps at your own risk if you couldn’t wait to experience the iOS 5 Best Features.

How to Hack iOS 5 Beta1 Developers Copy

An iOS developer discovered how to install the iOS 5 Beta on any iOS device through the steps mentioned below.

First step is to Google the iOS 5 Beta IPSW file and check if it’s for the iPhone 4 GSM version or the iPhone 4 CDMA model. It’s a huge 745MB file download so be patient.

Next step is to update iPhone 4 using the iTunes desktop software on a Mac of PC. Just click the Check for Update button and then browse and select the downloaded iOS 5 IPSW file. Wait until the upgrading finishes. It’s all done when an activation screen pop-ups up.

This activation process is where Erdir’s trick works its magic. To activate iOS 5 on your black or white iPhone 4 or iPad 2, carefully follow the steps listed below.

How to Install iOS 5 Beta on iPhone, iTouch or iPad Tablet:

  1. Triple click the Home button and Voice Over will activate.
  2. Triple click the Home Button again and Emergency Call will materialize on your screen.
  3. Click this Emergency Call and while it switches, immediately swipe down with your three fingers.
  4. The Notification Center will appear if you did the swiping correctly.
  5. Once Notification Center is open, click the Weather Widget and Weather App will launch.
  6. After the Weather app has loaded, click the Home button to exit to your default iPhone springboard.

Your iPhone 4 should be running a full functioning iOS 5 Beta 1 if the above steps are done correctly! Better be quick and download the iOS 5 Beta 1 Developer’s Copy IPSW.

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