Twitter Integration into iOS 5: Tweeting Made Easy on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Twitter’s system-wide integration on the upcoming iOS 5 update was included in Apple’s list of iOS 5 Best Features. Apple’s embedded support for Twitter on iOS 5 will surely be one of the favorite new features in this upgrade.

iOS 5 Feature - Twitter System-wide Integration

Apple integrated the world's busiest social networking site to iOS 5's core programming.

Apple is trying to provide shortcuts for iOS users such as Twitter embedding and PC Free on iOS 5 update.

Apple embedded Twitter into several iOS 5 apps! This systems-wide implementation of Twitter’s API means users can tweet from almost anywhere on the iOS 5 devices.

Tweet messages from Safari, Camera, Youtube, and other iOS native applications. Tweet a photo directly from your library is even possible!

This new operating system will only require a single authorization log-in and users can tweet anything, anytime, anywhere without the need for separate Twitter clients!

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