MagniCase: Make Your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S Screen Look 1.5x Bigger

While Android phone makers are rolling out 4.3-inch and larger display-equipped phones, Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 users are still stuck with the same 3.5-inch screen. An enterprising individual has invented the MagniCase.

Magnicase is just like a regular iPhone protective case but lo and behold, it can also increase the iPhone 4’s screen viewing size by 150%! Long term viewing on small screens is associated to increased eye strain, migraine and other health problems so this product is very useful. No more viewing problems in enjoying the features of an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.

MagniCase iPhone Case Price and Features

Magnify the 3.5-inch display of an iPhone 4/4S and turn it into 5.3-inch display with Magnicase.

The MagniCase has a flip-out Fresnel magnifying lens that lets you enjoy a full page website without the need. The Fresnel lens has 250 grooves per square inch density which is equivalent to the new iPad’s retina display of 264ppi density. This is obviously different from iSkin’s New Claro Series iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Case.

With the MagniCase, an iPhone 4S original 3.5-inch display will magically increase to 5.3 inches. Just rotate and flip-out the extension arm that holds the Fresnel lens and you can enjoy better gaming, web browsing and video watching on your iPhone!

Using this screen magnifying case doesn’t add any unnecessary bulkiness. After watching or playing, the MagniCase’s magnifying Fresnel lens can be safely tucked in to the back of the case. You can also use the shatter-resistant lens and extension arm as a stand in vertical or horizontal position. The case itself is made of tough materials that will protect your iPhone from scratches and falls.

The MagniCase – Magnifying iPhone 4 and 4S Case is set to retail for $40 each and it will be available in different colors. Pre-order now from this link,, and you can have it for as low as $25.


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