iPhone Lite and Apple Media Pad Coming Soon to Verizon?

Online rumor about iPhone Lite and Apple Media Pad (a mini-tablet) coming to Verizon has been shaking some grounds lately. iPhone is under exclusive contract with AT&T in the US but Apple and Verizon were rumored to have had talks about a partnership which will launch the slimmer, thinner, lighter and cheaper “iPhone Lite” – a spinoff of the tremendously popular iPhone 3G mobile device.

Features and full technical specifications of iPhone Lite are still unknown (for now) but since a little info on its body and specs have been leaked, we’re sure to be watching out for this mobile device here. Tech-savvy guys must be on the lookout for these gadgets, too. The same can be said about the Apple Media Pad, a mini-tablet that is smaller than the Amazon Kindle 2 but has a bigger screen that is designed for better viewing of photos. You can also listen to music and watch high-definition videos with the Media Pad, according to sources.

Also, the release date of Apple Media Pad could be this summer, in conjunction with the iPhone OS 3 release date. The release date iPhone Lite will definitely be after AT&T’s contract with Apple expires in 2010. If the Verizon and Apple partnership pushes through, the combined sale/income of iPhone Lite and Apple Media Pad is expected to exceed that of the iPhone.

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