iPhone 4 or iPhone 4G/HD Ships With 512MB of Built-in RAM

The latest iPhone 4, iPhone 4G/iPhone HD (as what many still know), will ship with an astonishing 512MB of RAM built into it. Ever since the first iPhone release in 2007, Apple has declined to publish or advertise the actual processor speed and/or amount of RAM in their smart phone products. The company has been vigilant to hide these technical details from curious customers. This policy is still enforced today for the iPhone 4. Nothing on its specs page on Apple’s website will tell you how fast is the new A4 Soc CPU or how much is the default RAM. Technically-inclined people had to tear down their iPhones to find out that the original iPhone and iPhone 3G had only 128MB RAM, and that the 3GS model released last year had 256MB of default RAM.

iPhone 4 iPhone 4G iPhone HD Sample Photo

HD Video Editing on iPhone 4 with 512MB RAM

Steve Jobs did not mention any hardware specifics when he unveiled the iPhone 4 at the WWDC earlier this month. An unidentified source, however, has come out to confirm that the new iPhone will ship with 512MB of RAM. This revelation was leaked from an exclusive developer’s-only session during the WWDC wherein Apple executives talked with software professionals interested in creating new apps for the iPhone iOS 4 platform. The source said no wonder Apple is so confident about running the iMovie video editing program on the new iPhone, the 512 MB means the handset will be fast enough to edit HD movies. It is also the reason why multi-tasking is now possible with the iPhone 4. The previous generations before had too little RAM to execute simultaneous tasks. Samsung, maker of the customized A4 chip, has already hinted that it runs at around 1 GHZ clock speed. This new revelation regarding RAM completely settles the unanswered questions.

The iPhone 4 due out this week will have double the memory of the iPad which only has 256MB and Apple has tacitly confirmed this rumor by saying that the iMovie app will only be able to run on the iPhone 4. There will be no movie-editing for the iPad and iPhone 3GS. Furthermore, the company is already urging third-party developers to create new apps that will take full use of the bigger memory. Gaming will benefit the most from this upgrade. Expect more realistic 3D games to be made for the iPhone 4.

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