iPhone 3GS Upgrade Fee Is Expensive: Cost Between $399-499

If you are an owner of an iPhone 3G and wish to have an iPhone 3GS upgrade, hold your horses. We were a bit shocked to know that the iPhone 3GS upgrade will cost between $399 to $499. Damn! That’s a hell lot of money just to get our hands on the new iPhone 2009 release. In all honesty, we do not think it’s practical to upgrade to iPhone 3GS. Well, that’s just us.

iPhone 3GS or 3G S Upgrade

iPhone 3GS or 3G S Upgrade

Specifically, iPhone 3G S (or 3GS, whichever you’re familiar with) and iPhone 3G upgrade pricing as of today are as follows:

  • $399 – iPhone 3GS 16GB
  • $499 – iPhone 3GS 32GB
  • * $299 – iPhone 3G 8GB

This is an early upgrade plan by AT&T and it covers a 2-year commitment or lock-in period plus an $18 upgrade fee. Amazing! Apple’s standard iPhone upgrade is scheduled on March 5, 2010. Also, these fees are separate from the fees you’ll incur with a regular data plan and text plan of your choice. Maybe we’ll just get a Palm Pre smartphone or the much cheaper Sony Ericsson C903 then. :-(

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