Globe Telecom’s iPhone 3G Prepaid Kits/Plans in the Philippines

Globe Telecom offers prepaid kits/plans for the iPhone 3G, not just postpaid iPhone 3G plans in the Philippines. This gives possible subscribers more choices. Business-wise, this is Globe’s way of making iPhone 3G more saleable in the Philippines because many Pinoy cell phone addicts are already complaining about the high prices of Globe-powered iPhone 3G in the Philippines. The sad thing is, there is a 2-year lock-in period for all the iPhone 3G plans of Globe (prepaid and post-paid).

Globe iPhone 3G in the Philippines - Prepaid kitsKey features of Globe’s prepaid kits include the following:

Browse the internet with Safari browser at the speed of 1.8Mbps with Globe’s nationwidest 3G/HSDPA network

  • Access to thousands of Youtube videos
  • Making a call to one or even up to 5 people is just a tap away
  • Access Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and more
  • Enjoy faster speeds and free acces under Globe’s iPhone plan at over 700 Wiz Wi-Fi HotSpots

Prices of Globe prepaid kits for the iPhone 3G in the Philippines are: PhP 37,599 for the 8GB model and Php 43,799 for the 16GB model.

GPlan and GFlex plans are available and these two plans are comprised of the following specific Globe plans:

  1. GText
  2. GMix/GFlex 800
  3. GTalk/GFlex 1200
  4. GTalk Plus/GFlex 1800
  5. GMatch/GFlex 2500
  6. GMax/GFlex 3500
  7. GPlan/GFlex 5000
  8. GPlan/GFlex 7000
  9. GPlan/Flex 10000

For more information, click on the image found in this article for more details about Globe Telecom’s iPhone 3G prepaid plans in the Philippines.

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