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Even if your pre-ordered iPhone 4 hasn’t arrived yet, you may now download the PDF manual for this super phone today. Apple has released the official manuals for both iPhone iOS 4 and the iPhone 4 a day before the commercial launch of the latter. It is advised that you read these two user guides to familiarize yourself with the new features. A lot of improvements and changes have been made on the software and hardware aspect of the latest smart phone from Apple. But these two illustrated manuals will guide you accordingly to properly enjoy the iPhone 4. You can download the free iOS 4 manual from here –, and the iPhone 4 user guide or manual download can be obtained here – The latter is not necessary reading but it’s only 1.02 MB in size so why not download it as well.

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A Screenshot of iPhone 4 PDF User Guide's Section on HD Video Recording

I am already browsing my copy of these manuals. The technical writers from Apple did a fine job in writing them. The user guides contain step-by-step methods and the color illustrations helps a lot in explaining the new facets of iPhone iOS 4. The user manual for the operating system is more than 200 pages long but it won’t bore you to death with unnecessary information. Each page is filled with concise but big-font size articles with matching graphic illustrations. The chapters from the Contents page are hyperlinked so jumping from topic to topic is easy.

From the iOS 4.0 guide, I’ve learned that my old iPhone 3GS phone can now handle background apps and all I need to do to access programs running in the background is to double-tap the home button! There’s a whole new chapter dedicated to how to use the iBookstore. I’m surprised to learn that digital books can’t be purchased from the iTunes Marketplace. Apple has created the iBookstore as a separate entity. Visually-impaired individuals or those who hates reading digital books on the small iPhone screen need not worry, you may still enjoy your favorite best-seller by having your phone read the book to you. There’s an app called VoiceOver that can read aloud the text on your iPhone’s screen!

I’m not going to spoil the gist of the user guides especially if you are a first-time iPhone owner. Go and have fun exploring the manual yourself. Happy reading!

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  1. lhan says:

    why I cant install iOS 7.0.1 to my iphone?

  2. Hira Taparia says:

    I need the pdf manual of iphone 4S

  3. Robert Rockett says:

    Require manual for iphone4

  4. alma santiago delos santos says:

    i need the iphone 4 pdf manual guide..possible to send it to me..thanks..i cant see the caller name on my phone even in text messaging they dont appear

  5. sam says:

    i can’t see the caller name on my phone, the phone only show the number, what should i do?

  6. david chnag says:

    i need the iphone 4 pdf manual guide, possible to send it to me, thanks

  7. P Gibson says:

    My IPhone 4 is on silent, can someone tell me how to reset the phone so that it rings when someone calls me? Thanks and regards, Paola

  8. Stray Stevens says:

    I just purchased an iPhone 4G and cannot do anything with it I currently cannot even make a phone call because my voicemail isn’t set up and I have 4 messages I cannot access? WTF? I should have stuck to the Solstice Stray

  9. fares chyad GRAIN says:

    please send to me pdf manual or user guide of iphone 4

  10. waleed says:

    I have bought a new factory unlocked iphone 4 version 4.0.1 but unfortunately I don’t have the cydia installed, so what can I do to install the cydia to my iphone 4.

  11. diane says:

    I want free iTunes for my new 3g epic phone and download free iphone 4 pdf manual. can you help? thanks!

  12. Jorge Riverón says:

    I think that iphone is one of the better phone that i ever see

  13. B R Chandrashekar says:

    the web site is very useful for iPhone users throughout the world

  14. Frances contreras says:

    I need to install my iTunes back I upgraded my phone I have an iPhone 3G phone..19569693399 work or 19569751284