Apple’s New iPhone 4 (iPhone 4G/HD) Unveiled at WWDC with Sample Photo

iPhone 4 was officially announced at the WWDC! After the Gizmodo prototype leak debacle (iPhone 4G/iPhone HD scandal), Steve Jobs finally unveiled the latest incarnation of the iPhone smart phone at WWDC. Surprisingly, much to the disappointment of earlier speculators, this phone isn’t going to be called the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD. Jobs said this next-gen model’s official moniker is iPhone 4. This is to signify its 4th generation release. Remember that the original iPhone 2G was released last 2007 which was followed by the iPhone 3G model and lastly by the 3GS.

Sample Picture of iPhone 4 (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G)

The Two Colors for the Apple iPhone 4

Despite earlier unofficial leaks, the iPhone 4 debut is an amazing revelation. Apple has stood up to the threat being posed by the recent Android super phone releases particularly that of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 and Sprint HTC Evo 4G. This latest reincarnation of its flagship phone product has been uncloaked to be packed with reinforced hardware and software components. But before going to that, let me first state that this phone has undergone major redesigned. Apple engineers have changed the chassis to be more angular. Gone is the overly smooth curving on the edges, the boxy appearance of the iPhone 4 might turn-off other people but for me, it’s more pleasing to the eye. I also noticed that is thinner which was ultimately confirmed by Jobs when he said it is indeed 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. A Vietnamese blogger leaked a picture of the iPhone’s white chassis 3 weeks ago so it’s no surprise that this phone will now come into two colors, the original black one and the new white model.

After being outgunned by the hardware features of competing new Android phones, Apple has bumped the iPhone 4G with the same A4 1 GHz processor that powers the iPad. This revved-up processing power is touted to be faster that the 1 GHz SnapDragon CPU from Qualcomm. Apple decided to forego putting and OLED display screen and instead has equipped this phone with a Retina display screen that the company says offer up to 4x more pixel counts than earlier iPhone models. It’s a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen with 960 x 640 native resolution and the contrast has also been upgraded to 800:1 ratio.

The iPhone 4’s release coincides with the debut of the new operating system iPhone iOS 4 which now promises multi-tasking and other significant features. The inclusion of video-calling FaceTime app with this new OS complements the two cameras of this phone. Apple has included a front-facing camera that should be ideal for doing real-time video calling. The other camera at the back has been upgraded to 5 megapixel resolution and Apple has included an LED flash for it. The last killer addition I am gushing about is the support for 720p HD video capture which the company says will offer low-light recording mode comparable to stand-alone HD camcorders such as those from Kodak or Flip. In-phone video editing will also be possible because Apple says they will be selling a special version of its popular iMovie software for $4.99 from the App Market.

The iPhone 4’s unveiling is the undisputed highlight of the WWDC. I will provide you more information about this next-gen phone once I get more details.

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