Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Apps Sales Figures Hit $200M Per Month

If you are a seasoned programmer (or even a beginner in the world of coding), I strongly advice you to download the iPhone Software Development Kit. The sales figures from Apple’s App store are staggering. I have never seen such great pandemic success in my 16 years of covering technology news. Three billions apps have been downloaded and bought by addicted iPhone and iPod Touch users. No wonder most major development studios from the Philippines to Alaska are coding iPhone 3G/3GS apps and video games for mobile devices like crazy. The big money is on this iPhone platform. Thousands of Java and C++ coders have shifted their business and joined the iPhone development boomtime. This makes the Apple Store a real killer in sales – experts estimated that the Apple App Store earned an average of $200M per month in 2009! In 2010, sales figures are expected to increase.

iPhone and iPod Touch Apps Development Book for Sale

You too can profit from these gold-rush of iPhone apps. All you have to do is teach yourself the iPhone Software Development Kit. It has everything you need to create apps and games for the iPhone and iPod Touch (iTouch). You also need to learn Objective-C programming especially the API for iPhone 3G or 3GS development, the Cocoa Touch. If you have a background in C programming, I recommend you get yourself a copy of “Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK” by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche. It is available at amazon for as low as $26.83.

This book will rapidly teach you how to develop apps and games for the iPhone platform. Apple has established a massive user’s base for iPhone and iTouch so you can expect a big market for your programs. You can make a lot of money in the years to come if you focus on this particular niche. Go get yourself a 2nd hand iPhone or iTouch to test your programs. There are now more than 300,000 software providers at Apple’s App store. You don’t even need to create original content, just go and download some free or commercial apps for you to copy or re-engineer. Start making games first because they are the easy money makers.

If only I have enough time, I will also try learning Objective-C. I have a friend from Facebook that got rich from selling silly iPhone 3GS apps. He told me his biggest seller almost netted him 25,000 euros in less than a month!

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