iPhone 3GI Only Available to Those With Loyalty to Apple

iPhone 3GI (yes, not 3GS), according to Apple will only be available to “loyal customers”. We’re not really sure how “loyalty” is defined by Apple but iPhone 3GI is new and interesting concept for us. Is this an iPhone 3G S upgrade? After all the media hype about the release of the iPhone 3G S and all the apps created for it, what’s new in the 3GI mobile phone model?

iPhone 3GI Phone

Frankly, we do not have any idea about the features of iPhone 3GI. Perhaps we’re not that interested after all. Probably because we’re not that too loyal to Apple and its long line of products. We love trying out other stuff like Blackberry Curve 8520 (love to buy that soon) and the Black Nokia Surge. For the 3GI, reports say that its price is around $600. For us, that’s  still higher than we can afford.

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  1. Michael says:

    Its THE ONION people! There is no iPhone 3GI.