iPad vs. Blackberry Tablet PC: Blackberry’s Tablet Will Feature a Fast 1GHz Processor!

Apple iPad vs Blackberry Tablet PC? Nice heads up, right? A tech industry analyst Ashok Kumar has went on record claiming that the upcoming Blackberry Tablet PC is already under final touches by Research In Motion (RIM). Kumar is saying that his source within the company has told him this tablet computer will no longer be a mere companion device for Blackberry phones. It will be a real competitor to the the iPad. The source hinted that as of the moment, the Blackberry tablet project is codenamed Cobalt and its manufacturing blueprint requires it to have a speedy 1GHz processor.

Cobalt Blackberry Tablet PC Sample Photo

The Upcoming Blackberry Tablet PC is codenamed "Cobalt"

Kumar said this need for a fast CPU is most probably because the Cobalt will have two cameras, one forward-facing and one at the back. This double-camera feature alone makes the Blackberry Cobalt is a better option than the Apple iPad, which lacks any camera. Blackberry officials want to integrate video calling on their first tablet pc product. Perhaps envious of Apple’s big profits on the massive sales record of the iPad, Blackberry has decided to create a full-pledged multimedia Tablet PC in the Cobalt. The speedy processor alone is a strong clue that the Cobalt will be capable of playing 3D video games and HD videos.

Another feature revealed by Kumar is that the Blackberry tablet’s screen will be smaller than the iPad at only 7-inches. But he says this will be multi-touch capable like what the iPad has. Research In Motion has refused to comment on this revelation. But Kumar insists that the Blackberry-maker plans to debut the Blackberry Cobalt this December or at CES 2011 in Las Vegas next year. The Blackberry Tablet PC release date could be on the first quarter of 2012. What do you think? Is Blackberry Tablet PC an actual product in the making or is it just another vaporware?

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  1. andrew Hoffmanc says:

    Looks brilliant. Always had problems with every Nokia I’ve ever owned. New Blackberry 6 OS looks to be stable & superb. Do i go for a Nokia E7 or a Blackberry Torch 9800 and Blackberry Blackpad/cobalt ?

  2. R.G says:

    I want some more information