Sanyo Gopan Rice Bread Maker Release Date and Price: First and Only Automatic Bread Maker

Sanyo Corporation of Japan proudly announced that their engineers have created the world’s first rice bread maker and cooker. The Gopan Rice Bread Maker is the company’s solution to the declining rice consumption of Asian people. Due to the emerging Westernized bread-eating habits of Asian people, rice farmers in Asia have suffered massive losses from the import of wheat flour. Sanyo wants to inspire Asian customers that bread can also be made from rice. For health reasons, rice bread has also been found out to have less calories and gluten than its wheat-based counterpart.

Sanyo Gopan Rice Bread Maker Sample Photo

Sanyo Gopan Rice Bread Maker will automatically create rice bread from ordinary rice grains

Sanyo said the Gopan Rice Bread Maker release date is on October 10, 2010 with guaranteed 10,000 units of monthly production. The company is very confident that even though this device will sell for $540.00 (price is high for some but with the convenience it will bring, the price is well worth it), Japanese and other affluent Asian families will love it. Sanyo’s intensive consumer testing has found out that Asian consumers prefer the taste and aroma of rice bread than wheat bread! The Gopan Rice Bread Maker offers people an automatic and convenient way of making rice bread right in their own homes. Since rice bread is considered a premium brand, most bakeries offer them at twice the price of ordinary wheat bread.

A simple procedure in making rice bread: In the bread pan, just place 220grams of washed rice, 210grams of water, 4grams of salt, 16grams of sugar, and 10grams of shortening. You also need to put 50grams of wheat gluten and 3grams of dry yeast in the automatic ingredient dispenser on the upper side of the Gopan bread maker. After putting all the necessary ingredients, go and press the start button. The device will do all the procedures of milling, kneading, rising and baking. After 4 hours, you get a full loaf of tasty rice bread!

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  1. Hera says:

    Hi i saw ur post on making the gluten free yeast free bread from Gopan. Do you mind sharing therevipe for that since the manual is all in japanese. Akso what do you use as a substitute for yeast? Thx a lot for sharing

  2. Brooke says:

    I have only had my Sanyo Gopan for a few days. This first couple days our Japanese friend was helping us to translate some of the basic instructions and the recipe for the gluten free rice bread. Once we understood the basic settings, and which measuring cups/spoons that came with it were what we needed, it was very easy.

    For the Gluten Free Rice Bread, there are very few ingredients needed. Rice, rice powder, water, sugar, salt, olive oil and yeast. We are trying to make a yeast free / gluten free bread, so it’s just a little bit more difficult than the regular gluten free bread. Our first attempt with a yeast substitute didn’t work out. Our second attempt with a yeast substitute did work, but the bread needed a little bit more leavening. However, it was edible, just a little more dense than it should have been and a little undercooked, due to the density. I warmed it up a little, put some oil and salt on it, and my kids loved it. My husband and I tried it too and both thought it was good. Just maybe a little sweet, so we will try less sugar than the recipe calls for next time. It was closer to the sweetness of a Japanese style of bread, so this makes sense.

    Inside the machine is a compartment that automatically releases the yeast and rice powder into the main area. You can also add fruit, nuts, etc. into this compartment.

    * Note for those trying yeast free bread in the Gopan: When you don’t have the yeast replacement correct, the mixture will not leaven enough and the kneading setting will cause the bread mixture (more like a batter) to spray all over the inside of the machine. Not fun to clean!!

    As soon as we can track down some Cream of Tartar (in S. Korea), we will try for the third time to substitute the yeast. I may go ahead and try a regular yeast loaf as well, just to see what a regular Gluten Free Rice loaf will look like. If/when, I will update here with that info.

    ** Another note: The Gopan comes with thorough instructions, as well as plenty of recipes. All in Japanese of course! So you may want to ask your seller if they are including basic English instructions, or contact an interpreter. I can also give (very basic) instructions for how to choose the Gluten Free setting, how to start the machine, and how to tell what part of the process the machine is in.

    Just an FYI, if you want the red Gopan, buy it now wherever you can. Our friend bought ours in Japan for us and was told that they have stopped making the red version. They are just trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for the Gopan, so now are only focusing on white and getting it out to people.