NatureMill HC52CA Black Indoor Automatic Composter PRO Edition Specs and Maintenance

We’ve just provided NatureMill Indoor PRO Edition Composter (NatureMill HC52CA) price anfd features. Now, learn more about this very useful home and garden tool. Before purchasing one for your home of office, check out the technical specs and cleaning maintenance of the HC52CA indoor automatic composter by NatureMill.

NatureMill HC52CA Black Indoor Automatic Composter PRO Edition Diagram

NatureMill HC52CA Black Indoor Automatic Composter PRO Edition Diagram (Cut-Away Illustration)

List of NatureMill HC52CA Indoor PRO Edition Composter Specifications and Cleaning Instructions:

  • Size and weight: 20” high x 20” deep x 12” wide (51×51x30cm); 17 lbs (8 kg)
  • Capacity: 120 lbs (55 kg) organic waste per month. Add items any time, any day. Ideal for a family of 5, or a single individual living alone.
  • Waste materials: Accepts most food waste items. Avoid hard item such as bones, and fiberous items such as corn cobs and corn husks. See detailed list
  • External Temperatures: Use in any location 0-120F (18-50C)
  • Internal Temperatures: Up to 140F (60C) reactor temperatures
  • Rate of compost production: One batch every 2 weeks, depending on actual usage. An indicator light signals when to remove compost.
  • Finished product: High nitrogen compost a soil amendment for lawns, gardens, trees, or potted plants. Compost is ready to use.
  • Compaction: 70% or more, volume and weight reduction, due to bio-degrading (composting) and mechanical breakdown
  • Construction External housing: recycled + recyclable energy-efficient polypropylene (stamped with the “5” triangle recycling symbol)
  • Food-grade stainless steel and aluminum internal components
  • Installation: No installation is required. Plug into a standard power outlet. For outdoor use, keep power supply dry.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Wipe the hopper and exterior with a moist towel. Rinse the cure tray and drip tray when you empty them. Do not disturb the compost cultures in the reactor chamber. Do not use soaps or chemicals
  • UL and CE compliant

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