Blue Pearl RBUS3BP Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner Features

We’ve just provided Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner technical specifications and a price comparison among online stores like Amazon, eBay and Woot. Here are other must know details about Blue Pearl RBUS3BP Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner. Given below are the nice features of this high-tech gadget.

Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner (RBUS3BP)

Blue Pearl RBUS3BP Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner

Here are the nice features of Blue Pearl RBUS3BP Robotic Pool Cleaner:

  • Brush, vacuum and micro-filter dirt debris and contaminants from the pool’s floor, walls, and waterline-all in approximately 3 hours
  • Filters 4200 gallons of water an hour
  • Cleans 3500 square feet per hour
  • Filter bag can filter debris up to 2 microns small
  • Fully independent from your pool filtration system
  • 24v DC oil free high speed brushless drive motor
  • Requires no installation and no supervision, Just place unit in water- plug it in and turn it on
  • Saves energy (costs pennies a day to operate)
  • Engineered for reliable worry free operation
  • Operates using a standard household 110v AC outlet, the power supply steps down the power output to 24v DC, and does not require any additional electrical work
  • Tank like treads help climb walls and most steps to clean the entire pool

A comprehensive review of Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner RBUS3BP will be given soon.

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  1. Rob Mitidiero says:

    I purchased my second Blue Pearl Robotic pool cleaner two years ago. The first lasted 4 years, before the motors burning out, and costing more to repair than replacement.

    I purchased a new one the summer of 2009, it worked fine for the that summer. The summer of 2011 the pump motor burned out, and a month later the drive motor burned out.

    Of course, being two years old neither of them were covered by the guarantee. I paid nearly $500. in parts and labor 2 years after purchasing. Keeping in mind, I have a small pool, use it twice a week, and remove and rinse the unit when it’s done it’s job. This year the cord has gone bad. Now they want another $250. to replace the cord, labor and parts. I called their “corporate offices” and spoke to a women manager, who basically told me told me ” to bad ” and was unwilling to help. Granted, the unit was a couple years old, but I paid more in repairs than I paid for it new!

    What a piece of GARBAGE! They are made in overseas, and don’t even have a corporate address on their materials where you can write. I would NEVER buy another one of their products. VERY poor material, and a company who doesn’t really care about their customers. Buy AMERICAN made!