Thermor Bios: Thermor Home Weather Station Measurements or Weather Information

Thermor Bios home weather station provides the wireless technology for personal weather monitoring. The weather sensors of Thermor Bios are mounted outside the house and can transmit measurements to indoor receivers/displays within 200 feet radius. Previous articles on this site discussed the price, features and specifications of Thermor Home Weather Station (both Thermor BW990 Television/PC Interface and Thermor BW953 Home Monitor). Now, let us learn on what specific measurements can it provide.

The Thermor Home Weather Station can monitor 10 key weather conditions. Whether it be the Thermor BW990 Television/PC Interface or the Thermor BW953 Home Monitor, both provide the following weather information.

Here is a photo gallery of the Thermor Home Weather Station thermometer, wind sensor and rain sensor.

Sample Picture 1: Thermor Bios Home Weather Station Wind Sensor

Sample Picture 2: Thermor Bios Home Weather Station Rain Sensor

Sample Picture 3: Thermor Bios Home Weather Station Thermometer

Thermor Bios Home Weather Station Measurements:

• Wind Speed and direction
• Wind Chill ºC and ºF (max/min)
• Forecasts the next 12 hours based on trends
• Rainfall (cm/in)
• Date, Time and alarm
• Barometric Pressure in mb/in (max/min)
• Barometric Trend over the last 24 hours
• Temperature alarm
• Indoor and Outdoor Temperature ºC and ºF (max/min)
• Indoor Relative Humidity
• Monthly and Annual Rainfall (PC monitor only)
• Wind Gusts (PC Monitor only)
• Wireless Signal Strength (Indoor Monitor only)

The review of Thermor BW990 and Thermor BW953 home weather stations will be given separately in future posts.

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  1. Ross says:

    I have BIOs Model 315BC-RX and the remote has stopped transmitting. I have replaced the batteries and I still don’t get a signal. Any suggestions

  2. Guil-T says:

    I just bought a 312bc and I would like to buy additional transmitters to monitor the temperature at two other locations. The base station supports up to three channels but I cannot find a store that sells just the transmitters.


  3. Gilles Mailhiot says:

    Where can I get setup instructions for a Wireless Weather Station, model 312BC-RX. I have set it up once, and it works very well, but now I need to change the clock and can’t seem to find a way.

    Thank you for your help

    Gilles Mailhiot

  4. Luis Aragon says:

    are you looking for parts? I have a Bios DG 941 with no monitor

  5. Mike Turgeon says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have bought a “BIOS Weather Station, model #312BC-RX”. I am very satisfied with it! But,I have misplaced the instruction on how to set the station, could you please sent me the installation info, either by email or via my mailing address.

    Michel Turgeon
    30 Kilroy Cr.
    Gatineau, Que.
    Thank you in advance

  6. Stuart Bailey says:

    Good evening.

    I am looking for a spare wind direction and speed head for a Thermor DG 950R.

    Please advise

    Kind regards Stuart Bailey

    • Luis Aragon says:

      @Stuart Bailey, Still looking for spare parts? i have a Bios Home Weather Station DG941

  7. Billy Slykhuis says:

    I Got the Bios Weather this last Christmas,for about $80.00 All I can say is it won’t work I have ttryed ever thing that is is the user manul, I have called you (866-753-0181) and got no help at all, I had asked for address as to send it all back to you,could not at the time give it to me! That someone would call me to help me with getting it set up and working , that was five weeks ago.( No one has called (570-323-7648) I am not sure as if I will get a reply back to this!
    Billy Slykhuis
    1484 Northway Road
    Linden, Pa. 17744

  8. Billy Slykhuis says:

    I like to have a return mailing address for this Bios Weather, I can not get it to work and all of my phone call are not returned, I like to have this fixed or money returned!

  9. Peter Zenchuk says:

    I purchased a weather station CE1177 and I am having trouble maintaining signal strength between the transmitter and base. All good batteries, even keep transmitter and receiver side by side and still loose signal. Any Ideas?

  10. Evelyn Hoyle says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any software product that I can use to download to my website, so my weather data can be viewed on my weather site.