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Hackers are posting download links to the recent Hayden Kho video scandals and making rounds on the net Trend Micro reported last Tuesday. Trend Micro detected the trojan files TROJ_DLOAD.TID and its payload, TROJ_COGNAC.J, hidden in at least two US government websites. This allegedly is the Hayden Kho Virus or Trojan, however you want to classify it. In fact these days, there is a common notion that the two terms “virus” and “trojan” are the same since both are products of malicious codes and programming. Regardless of how you view it, the Hayden Kho Trojan is a real threat everybody must be aware of.

Trend Micro Detects Hayden Kho Trojan or Virus

Trend Micro Detects Hayden Kho Trojan or Virus

Trend Micro reports that the first Hayden Kho Trojan or virus attack was detected early last week, allegedly in the website of the San Bernardino County (a government web site) which was meant to trick people into clicking a link to reveal supposed explicit video of Philippine local actress Katrina Halili who was among those embroiled in the explicit videos offered by some P2P File Sharing programs as free downloads. The second attack, found by TrendLabs Analyst Joseph Pacamarra, was located in a state-wide information portal of Washington DC which is still undisclosed.

Using the same techniques, both the first and second attacks, TrendLabs explained that a blank website opens when a user clicks on the link in the compromised website. This then requires the user to download a codec to be able to watch the video. But that codec software allows the Trojan to slip into the user’s computer, enabling the virus to download more malicious software into their computer systems.

To be safe, quickly cancel viewing video clips requiring a video codec to be installed on your computer system to be able to view it. Be sure to have a good anti-virus capable of handling such attacks like Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security Pro 2010 which easily identifies the threat and restore your computer in a safe state. For more secure web browsing we suggest you install antivirus softwares and antispyware utilities like Norton Antivirus 2010 and SuperAntispyware. These tools will prove very useful when virus or trojan attacks are present. Just a piece of advice.

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