Sharp 3D Video Camera Module for Mobile Devices Announced

Sharp of Japan proudly announced that they have developed a 3D video camcorder module for cell phones and mobile gadgets. Sharp 3D Video Camera, being the latest invention, boasts of its capability to record true 3D video images up to HD 720p resolution. This achievement is a first in the industry. Sharp has managed to outdo much bigger electronics manufacturers like Sony or Samsung to come up with it.

Sharp 3D Video Camcorder Sample Photo

Sample Picture of Sharp 3D Video Camcorder for Mobile Devices

The company is scheduled to ship out samples this July and mass production will commence within this year. Sharp 3D Video Camera release date (actual) is not yet revealed by the manufacturers but you can wait till July 2010 and see if some devices with this technology will come out in your location. We’re sure US, Canada and UK buyers will find this a very good news indeed.

This new 3D camera module utilizes two camera lenses to simultaneously capture video images for the left and right eyes. Sharp has developed an effective Color Synchronizing Processing unit that adjusts the color and brightness of images and a Timing Synchronizing Processing unit to correctly coordinate the running time of left and right video images.

The position of these two separate video files is also seamlessly adjusted through the help of an Optical Axis Control Processing procedure. Furthermore, Sharp engineers was successful in incorporating Fast Readout Technology to this module which enables the two lens sensors to rapidly transfer video data which  allows for capturing 3D video images in high resolution mode.

Sharp should also be commended for coming up with a very small and lightweight design for this 3D Video camera. The compact form of this Sharp 3D video camera module is a magnificent feat of engineering. The smart phone market is sure to benefit from the inclusion of this new powerful component. I just hope that such addition will not jack up the prices of cellphones. Sharp has been known for selling cheap but reliable electronic appliances and I think it’s safe to presume that their new invention will come affordable.

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