Cheapest Kodak ZX3 PlaySport Full HD Pocket Camcorder Sale Price on Walmart for Under US$70

The Kodak Playsport ZX3 Waterproof Video Camcorder is now just selling for $69! Kodak is under bankruptcy and one of their moves to salvage the company from extinction is their decision to get out of the digital photo/video manufacturing ventures. Thus, Kodak products are now under a mad rush sale everywhere because the company needs to clear its massive stock inventory. One of the best-priced deals I found is at WalMart’s online shop.

Discounted Kodak Kodak ZX3 PlaySport Water-Proof Camcorder

Buy a New Kodak ZX3 PlaySport Rugged Camcorder with More than 50% Discount of its Original SRP

That’s right, my friends, for less than the price of Chinese branded HD video recorders, you can now choose to buy a premium branded camera. Furthermore, the Kodak Playsport ZX3 Waterproof Full HD Camcorder is a super tough & waterproof record-everywhere video camera. Go wet and wild and still be able to videotape your crazy stunts without worrying about ruining the ZX3! This is also equipped with a powerful sensor that captures in full 1080p HD format with a good electronic image stabilization feature so you are assured of crystal-clear, blur free video recordings.

This camcorder is also an excellent still photo camera that captures sharp 5MP widescreen images even if you are under 10 feet of water! Kodak is known for their picture quality and the ZX3 doesn’t disappoint like what Kodak Zi8 HD Digital Mini Camcorder did to some buyers. The Smart Tracking Technology of this camcorder guarantees you always get your subject in focus even if they are moving. This feature works for both video and still photo recording.

The 2 inch LCD screen of the Kodak PlaySport ZX3 is coated with a Glare Shield which means you can still see your target subject even if you are under a mid noon sun. This product is made of quality hardware components like GoPro 1080p HD Helmet Hero Waterproof Digital Camcorder and it also comes with superior software built-in inside it. Yes, this pocket camcorder comes with in-camera editing feature like a slow-motion effect and there’s also a program for directly uploading your pictures or video to Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. If you want to edit your footages on your computer, there’s a USB port for easy transferring. Kodak is giving away a free copy of Arcsoft’s Media Impression for editing HD videos and photos.

The ZX3 has a dedicated HDMI port and the lithium ion battery can recharged while live recording for your convenience. This WalMart deal for the PlaySport ZX3 is just too good to miss if you cannot afford the Sony Bloggie HD Touch Camcorder MHS-TS10 model. Hurry and buy one now for yourself or as a gift to somebody you love.

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