Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 – World’s First Hybrid HD Camcorder and Pico Projector

Taiwan manufacturer Aiptek introduced its remarkable Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 hybrid camcorder and pico projector at CeBIT 2010. It is the world’s first-ever pico projector and HD photo/video camera packed into a palm-size device. This ultra portable device only measures 125mm x62mm x 24mm and weighs 250 grams including the battery.

AIPTEK Pocket Cinema Z20 Review: Just like the Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector, the Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 is impressively capable of recording video up to 1280 x 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second bit rate. It is a tiny piece of electronic equipment. This is more than twice higher than ordinary DVD video resolution. It can also take still pictures up to 5 megapixel resolution which is good enough to for 8×10 print-outs. This device already has a built-in 2 GB internal memory but it has a slot for microSD memory too. It is compatible with any brand of microSD cards up to 32GB size. The technical specs of Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 are quite good despite its petite structure. Big surprises really come in small packages.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 Review Article

Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 Pico Projector and Digital Video Camcorder Sample Photo

As for its projector function, the Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 uses a new RGB L.E.D. technology that delivers a wide range of colors in high contrast. It can project images up to a maximum size of 65 inches in 2 meters distance. It is ideal for mobile professionals who do lots of presentations because it comes with a free remote control. It also features a set of touch sensitive control buttons that are LED-backlit which greatly helps when inside a darkened room.

This pocket gadget is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that Aiptek says can lasts up to 2 hours under normal use. It has an HDMI output ideal for connecting to your HDTV. The Pocket Cinema Z20 connects to any device that accepts composite video cables and is also compatible with an Apple cable that lets you connect an iPhone or iPod.

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  1. kicik says:

    Hi Geek,

    need always, firmware for DPV5 / Shoot n’ share ’cause them are ready for usb projection from PC. And not the aiptek Z20 OR they are the same product….

  2. moises says:

    buenas noches, solicito muy respetuosamente el driver

  3. Kicik says:

    firmware aiptek z20

    I need a firmware for the aiptek z20 pico pojector.

    The shoot n’ share and the dpv5 are the same products than z20. and one of them is ready to make usb projection from usb.