Flip SlideHD S1240W 16GB High Definition Video Camera Cheap Deal

The new generation of Flip Video pocket digital cameras such as the Flip SlideHD and the third generation Flip Video MinoHD Flash Memory Pocket Camcorder are already customizable. Of course, the technical specs remain intact but the outer case can be personalized with the design the customer wants.

Flip SlideHD S1240W Pocket Camcorder Price, Features and Review

Flip SlideHD 16GB Pocket Video Camera Model S1240W with 3" Touchscreen

Flip SlideHD 16GB High-Definition Video Camera with 3″ Touchscreen (Model # S1240W) is the first Flip pocket camcorder with a widescreen display. Like the Sylvania HD1Z 720p HD Pocket Digital Video Camcorder, Flip SlideHD captures videos on 1280x720p resolution.

A brand new Flip Video SlideHD 16GB Digital Pocket Camcorder is priced at $229.99 with FREE shipping if purchasing at The Flip Store online. Designing it won’t cost a penny and only needs a few minutes of your time. This handy digital camcorder comes with wrist strap, soft protective case, and user guide.

Today on Woot, 1 Flip S1240W Pure Digital SlideHD 16GB Video Camera w/ 3″ Touchscreen, 2.0 USB, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery is available for only $125 including shipping fee. The deal includes a refurbished white Pure Digital Flip SlideHD 16GB Video Camera with its accessories.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Is a larger capacity battery available for the Flip SlideHD 16GB Pocket Video Camera Model S1240W with 3″ Touchscreen? Thanks for your reply.