Flip Video MinoHD Flash Memory Pocket Camcorder Price and Features

Camcorders are usually given in basic colored models such as black, white, blue or red. The Flip Video MinoHD Flash Memory Pocket Camcorder used to be available in two colors or tones only – black or white. Today, the Flip MinoHD Pocket Video Camera is available in any design you like such as seen in the photo below.

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These are customized designs for the MinoHD camcorder by Flip.

The Flip Video MinoHD Flash Memory Pocket Camcorder can be customized by the choosing one of the preset designs in Flip’s official site, uploading your own images or creating your own patterns through their pattern generator.

Flip MinoHD Pocket Video Camera’s price depends on in internal flash memory size. The Flip MinoHD with 4GB memory or 1-hour recording capacity comes at a price of $179.99. On the other hand, the Flip MinoHD with 8GB or 2-hour recording capacity is at a slightly higher price of $229.99.

Aside from the Flip MinoHD, other pocket camcorders were featured on this site such as the Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 and Rugged Kodak Playsport ZX3 Waterproof Full HD Camcorder.

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