Omnitech 16878 US is Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS With Text to Speech

A while ago, we have published our Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS With Text to Speech review. This product’s code is Omnitech 16878 US. Like we’ve said before, Omnitech 16878 US user reviews in the past indicate that they were not satisfied with this Omnitech GPS product.

Omnitech 16878 US

Omnitech 16878 US

As responsible site owners and authors, we are not telling you not to buy Omnitech 16878 US portable GPS although it’s vey cheap. Price of Omnitech 16878 US is really low compared to other brands like Garmin Nuvi and TomTomOne, and we know fully how how enticing can this offer be to many who are looking for sale items. Omnitech 16878 US portable GPS is really a nice small gadget you can bring anywhere you go. Just be ready with some of its inadequacies. If you want to other alternatives, Garmin Nuvi and TomTomOne are very good. Also, Magellan Maestro GPS units are very impressive 9but much more expensive, of course).

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  2. Mary says:

    My car charger was stolen out of my car for my omnitech gps. Does any one know where I can purchase another one to replace it?

    • Garth says:

      @Mary, Hello,my unit no longer works, i will sell you my charger for 10$ plus shipping, you can contact me @ 774-263-6876, my name is Garth

  3. vibol ken says:

    how do i get everything to work including the internet, media and gps… and how would i install movies and music on it…how much gigabytes of a SD card do i need for everything to work and how much would it cost me!!!

  4. janna camp says:

    we just got an Omnitech 16878 US GPS device and i was wondering if we can take the chip out and down load the map off the internet? we have never owned one before so we dont know. thanks jan

  5. Irving Bruno says:

    i have a omnitech gps model #16878 US and has not worked for the past 2 weeks. i have pushed the reset button and nothing is happening. i charge it up when im using it and the green light is on. i really enjoyed this item but is not working properly. please get back to me! thank you!!!!

    • Bill says:

      I bought a Omnitech gps model #16878-US. When it quit (like most or all these units), I returned it and bought a Garmin. I do not like the Garmin. I returned to the Staples where I bought both units. They had the “repaired” Omnitech gps model #16878-US. I quickly bought one and it works great. The only problem I have found is that Staples has discontinued them and I can’t find a map update… The support website for Omnitech 16878 has the instructions to repair the unit, but the link for updated maps links back to Staples which doesn’t offer the update any longer…

      • I. Bruno says:

        ive tried the support website and im not getting any responds..i guess i have to buy a new one on GOOD FRIDAY!

  6. GREG says:


  7. obed khan says:

    hi i dont understand what to do as my omintech gps with model no. 16878-us is not working when i try to update software it showing system loading since then so what i have to do now can any one tell me??
    i m also trying to reach technical support but it on voice response…

    • Keith says:

      @obed khan, call 888-554-6628. I am having the same problem You are missing the nk.bin file and maybe more. If you followed the instructions, you may have it in the file you saved your back up in.

  8. R Billings says:

    I have a Omnitech Model 16878 which is malfunctioning. I have looked for over an hour for a tech contact without success! could you steer me in the right direction?

  9. leviticus lewis says:

    i have an omnitech that was purchased on 02-18-09. i am trying to upgrade because area address can not be located on my system (gps)16878

  10. suzanne says:

    can i buy an update for my omnitech gps16878? some of the speed limits are not updated?