Verizon Nexus One Phone Release Date: Verizon Will Debut Google’s Nexus One This Spring

Are you ready for the release date of Nexus One on Verizon? Early this month, the tech industry has been abuzz with rumors that due to the poor sales performance of the Nexus One superphone over the T-Mobile network, Google has decided to negotiate with Verizon if they would be amenable to carry the Android phone. Well, it looks the gossipmongers are being proven true.

Google Nexus One on Verizon Wireless Release Date: Spring 2010

The Federal Communications Commission has already approved a CDMA version of Google Nexus One phone last month. This new CDMA model bears the serial number PB99300 which is obviously different from the original Nexus One phone that debut last January which bears the serial number PB99100. Google has explicitly said before that they want their Android phone to be compatible with all telecom standards. They must be feeling some hurt by the lackluster sales of the Nexus One. Their latest approval from the FCC means Verizon can now possibly offer the Nexus One to its existing customers. It is not yet clear if Google will let Verizon offer it for sale or will it still only be available via Google’s website.

Verizon Nexus One Phone Offer is Near

Verizon currently has more than 90 million wireless subscribers and their customers are excited to hear that Google’s Nexus One Android phone will soon be available to them. The company has already announced it will roll-out Skype support for its smart phone products and the possibility of getting the Nexus One is already making a lot of people happy. They want this phone because of its powerful multimedia features made possible by its speedy 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor and PowerVR graphics accelerator.

Furthermore, one of the most attractive features of the Android Operating system is its seamless integration with Google Voice App (note: iPhone and Blackberry can also run Google Voice).  I find it very impressive that Google Voice is easy to use over different networks and phones using only one phone number. A Nexus one with Skype support over Verizon’s fast 3G network will make it the perfect combination. Power-users will enjoy both low-cost calling over Skype and Google Voice!

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  3. verizon nexus one??? says:

    The Verizon Nexus One phone release date was allegedly on april 12 but I have’nt received any notice about its availability. Maybe I should place a pre-order now. Don’t know. But I admit Nexus One on Verizon wireless is such an enticing deal. Glad to hear Verizon is offering Android phones now to its customers. Go Go Verizon! Show AT&T what you got…

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  5. 1337phantom says:

    your article is way off the google voice app is not on the iphone this was the start of the apple google war and not on the blackberry either