Verizon Motorola Droid X Bug Causing Screen Display Problem, User Complaints Increases

Unfortunately for many Motorola Droid 2 fans, users found a bug in the handset. In my previous articles, I heaped a lot of praises on the Motorola Droid X. Good review of the product didn’t seem to include the Motorola Droid X screen bug or problem complained by many buyers. Now that this smart phone successor to the very popular Motorola Droid Does on Verizon Wireless is proving to be the fastest-selling Android phone to date, I’m shocked that some people have complaints about the Motorola Droid X screen. A fellow blogger sent me a video last night showing his brand new Droid X suffering from a catastrophic bug! He explained in his email that his smart phone suffered from intermittent screen flickering. So much so that his phone’s display even gets covered by big white bands rendering it useless!

Motorola Droid X Front and Peripheral Views Sample Photo

Motorola Droid X is Selling Like Crazy But Some Units Suffer From Defective Display Screens

Luckily, Verizon has promptly responded to this Motorola Droid X display problem. The company issued my friend a new phone to replace his bugged Droid X. The carrier has acknowledged that some of the Droid X phones sold last week contained defective displays and they said they will immediately replace all phones that showed the same display problem. Any customer who experiences the same problem should contact Motorola support center or Verizon Wireless. This quick response of Verizon and Motorola is very unlike that of Apple. The iPhone 4 maker took 3 weeks to finally admit that their phone had antenna problems. I therefore commend Verizon and Motorola for promptly owning up to the Droid X’s display problem. Their swift offer of unit replacement for some of the problematic Droid X shows they care about their customers.

Verizon said the display problem is not because of hardware defect. The company said they will issue an Over-The-Air software patch to fix the said screen flickering problem. This is to help fix the problem for people who are too busy to visit Verizon’s outlets for a unit replacement. The smart phone has become such an important tool of modern living. Any bug or defects, no matter how small, should be addressed immediately. Apple has learned a bitter lesson with the iPhone 4 antenna problem. Verizon’s quick response to the Droid X problem showed product imperfections should always be acknowledged and acted upon promptly! Motorola said only less than 1% of all Droid X sold are affected but they did not waste time fixing it.

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  1. Linda Mac Nally says:

    My Motorola droid x has been nothing but issue after issue. Today I took my droid into the verizon store and was told that the problem with my screen locking up and hanging up on people while I was on the phone was because I have long hair and that people with long hair experience this problem because their hair allows the light to filter through to the sensor on the phone (he prefaced this by stating it has been an issue on the driod 1, droid 2 and droid x). The tech Jeff told me that there is nothing they can do about it – and perhaps I should position the phone differently when I am talking on it. So I’m thinking, ok, really? Is this tech for real? The only thing I can say is maybe these phones should be sold with a disclaimer “Do not purchase a droid if you have hair, as it may result in functionality issues with your phone!”. That was all the help I was offered.

    • Rob says:

      @Linda Mac Nally, @ Linda/// That rep JEFF is on CRACK.. the problem is not with YOUR HAIR Length its with a bug in the display screen. take your phone to a different Verizon store, get it swapped out then go to the first Verizon store and FLIP JEFF OFF for being a @@@@@@@@.

  2. Tyler winters says:

    I have ordered 2 droid x’s and both have the screen flickering problem. I am unable to receive calls, the screen freezes up. I returned both units to Verizon. This is unacceptable. I had to run to fedex twice. I am shocked that a phone this expensive and sophisticated would do this. I will be cancelling my service with verizon completely. One phone with this problem is understandable but two in a row, you have to be kidding me. Stay far away from the droid x.