Solar-Powered Puma Phone Review: Price, Release Date and Photo

The sporting goods company Puma has teamed up with Sagem Wireless to create the first ever active and stylistic Puma Phone. Puma was a surprise at Mobile World Congress because nobody was expecting this sports apparel manufacturer to venture in to the smart phone business. I am astonished that the legendary leaping Puma logo is going to be on a smartphone. Release date of Puma Phone is expected on the first week of April 2010 and it’s only the second eco-friendly mobile phone we know (Motorola W233 Renew is the first). Puma Phone harnesses the power of the sun to sustain its energy needs unlike other mobile phones that rely on battery or direct current.

Puma Mobile Phone Sample Photo

Jochen Zeitz, CEO of PUMA, said, “Just as PUMA is unlike any other sport lifestyle company out there, the PUMA PHONE is unlike any mobile phone on the market. We want to engage with our community in a way that is consistent with everything PUMA stands for. Blending together the influences of sport, lifestyle and fashion, the PUMA PHONE reflects the joy, spontaneity and individuality that the PUMA brand is known for.”

The Puma Phone certainly looks sporty and attractive but the rumored price of Puma mobile phone is under 400 Euros (about $540) was frowned upon by some cell phone lovers. Sagem Wireless did a perfect representation of Puma’s sports legacy and came out with a very athletic phone that is clearly distinctive. The Puma Phone is unique for it is the only phone I know that has a built-in solar panel at the back for ultimate portability. Puma has always prided itself for being a green company and this inclusion of a solar cell on the Puma Phone smacks of its authentic desire to help the environment!

Sagem and Puma have collaborated very well in producing a smart phone that goes beyond the usual features. The Puma Phone is targeted to active people who are in to sports and outdoor activities. Puma claims the Puma Phone is rugged enough to strap on while climbing a cliff or hiking a mountain trail.

The Puma Phone will initially be available to European carriers (e.g., Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange) in April. Actual price of Puma phone will be revealed by either Puma or Sagem in the next few days but I expect it to be comparable to an iPhone or Blackberry. Pre-order of Puma Phone is ongoing as of this writing. Now let me reassure you that Nike and Adidas refused to comment about Puma’s foray into the smartphone business. The Nike Swoosh logo should like nice on a smartphone in the future and I expect them to realize that selling smart phones are more profitable than hawking shoes.

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  1. shajahanarakkal says:

    i like solar sistam and batary lasting

  2. ramesh babu says:

    ya its really good but we dont have clear idea of Puma phone release date, price, dealer in india and den whether can we charge like ordinary cell phones or only by solar power really plz list out facility about security passwords to lock message and to lock phonebook privacy. thank u its really good.

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