Sharp 3D Auto-Stereoscopic Smartphone Demoed at IFA 2010

Last month, a spokesman for Japanese company Sharp announced that they are working on a glasses-free auto-stereoscopic 3D screen that will be used in a new smartphone to be released next year. This announcement hardly made any headlines around the world but Sharp gave a surprise demonstration of this yet un-named Sharp 3D Auto-Stereoscopic Smartphone at IFA 2010 in Berlin, Germany, much to the surprise of participants. The prototype seems almost finish and ready for commercial launch!

Sharp’s IFA delegates explained that the Sharp 3D auto-stereoscopic smartphone is using the same technology that Nintendo 3DS is using on their own glasses-free 3D gaming handheld. This Sharp 3D auto-stereoscopic smartphone features a 3D parallax screen and has a camera at the back that can also capture video images in 3D! Sharp’s people even showcased its ability to output true 3D images via a mini-HDMI output to a compatible TV set without any noticeable jitter or delay in transmission.

Sharp 3D Smartphone Photo

The Sharp 3D Smartphone Requires no Special Glasses!

While this Sharp 3D Auto-Stereoscopic Smartphone will not require you to use specialized glasses, you still have to hold the phone in the correct distance and angle to view the 3D images correctly. The phone’s 3.7-inches LCD screen has a 800×480 resolution in 2D mode but it resizes to 400 x 480 when in 3D display mode. Hopefully, it will be probably equipped with the Sharp 3D Video Camera. While no other details have been given about the other specs of the Sharp 3D Auto-Stereoscopic Smartphone, expect this product to be at par with other high end phones from big name brands like HTC or Samsung.

It remains to be seen if Sharp can really deliver this cell phone or mobile phone in 2011, the demo unit showcased at IFA 2011 showed it’s ready for prime time but the company has so far refused to state any specific release date and price tag. More info on the Sharp 3D Auto-Stereoscopic Smartphone will be provided here as soon as they are confirmed by Sharp.

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