Samsung Wave With Bada OS UK Release Date: Price Set at $506

Why not take a look at Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone (powered by Samsung’s very own Bada OS) if you are growing weary waiting for the release date of Sprint HTC Evo 4G android phone and T-Mobile HTC HD2 smartphone. Apps for Samsung Wave have been widely-publicized already as its release date in the UK gets near (Mid-May 2010). It sells for a low price of £340 pounds (about $506). US release date is yet to be determined but we’re sure it won’t take very long for Samsung to sell this product in American soils.

Samsung Wave Release Date in UK: May 2010

The super AMOLED screen of Samsung Wave is touted to be much brighter, much clearer and less reflective, minimizing eye strain especially to those who play game apps for hours. It’s best for outdoors with wider viewing angle and a longer battery life. It also showcases no motion blurs on video plays making this phone the most ideal mobile device to play your games on. With its very pwoerful 1Ghz application processor, you can be sure to run the most intensive mobile phone apps smoothly.

Here is another sample photo of the unlocked Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone. For related news and info about Samsung Wave and Bada OS, follow the links given above.

Samsung Wave With Bada OS Has a Super Clear AMOLED Screen

Accessories Available for Samsung Wave

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