Samsung W960 Smartphone Could Run Samsung Bada OS or Android OS

Samsung W960 Smartphone is one of the most exciting mobile phones to be offered by the Korean giant this 2010 aside from the Unlocked Samsung Wave S8500 mobile phone. The overwhelming success of 3D movies like Avatar has spurred manufacturers to come up with products that can take advantage of the fast-rising 3D technology and Samsung responded with their world’s first ever cell phone with AMOLED 3D display screen.

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Samsung w960 Smartphone Review: Expected Very Good

The Samsung W960 smartphone release date in the Korean market has ignited much interest from geeks around the globe mainly because of Samsung’s claim that viewing 3D content on this phone will not require the use of special goggles! This is nothing short of a miracle since all existing 3D-enabled movie theaters and television sets still require users to wear special glasses!

Samsung has so far declined to elaborate on how they were able to implement this goggles-free method. The company went only as far as to say that there will be a button to switch on and off the 3D option of the W960’s AMOLED 3.2-inch capacitive display screen.

Other details disclosed by the company states that this phone will initially be available as a CDMA–compatible model with 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, HSPA 3G support, Bluetooth, microSD slot, and more interestingly, it will feature DMB-T TV tuner which clearly hints that Samsung is seriously aiming to make it a must-have toy for true 3D TV-viewing.

As early as it is, the company is already on the move to position itself as a major player on the projected rise of 3D TV broadcasting market. No word yet if this phone will be running on Windows Mobile, Samsung Bada OS or Android. What is sure is that the W960 will feature Samsung’s cross-platform-friendly TouchWiz 2.0 user interface.

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  1. hasan says:

    is there built-in FM radio? when will it be released in India?

  2. mustafa says:

    samsung w960 is a nice looking mobile phone. plz send me free. thanks