Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is Samsung Captivate SGH-I897 in the US Says AT&T

I have good news to share with my American readers.  iPhone-exclusive distributor, AT&T is the first US carrier to confirm that they are going to add the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to their roster of android phones this 2010. The only catch is they decided to give another name for the phone to better suit the American market. It’s a bold move on AT&T to suddenly embrace the fast-rising Android platform. AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 will officially be called the Samsung Captivate SGH-I897. While this phone shares the same features with the Galaxy S i9000 that debut in Europe 3 weeks ago, Samsung made some cosmetic changes to the Captivate to help set it apart.

Samsung Captivate SGH-I897 Android 2.1 Phone Sample Photo

AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 will be known as the Samsung Captivate SGH-I897

I already discussed that Samsung’s trump ace in the Galaxy S i9000 is its 4” Super AMOLED screen that no other Android phone possesses right now. AT&T’s Samsung Captivate SGH-I897 android phone also comes with the same display that experts have already proven to excel in outdoor viewing. Samsung is also facing-off against the iPhone 4 in terms of gaming. The Captivate comes with its own six-axis gyroscope! This handset already comes with a built-in dedicated 3D PowerVR SGX graphics accelerator and surround-sound technology. The iTunes Market may have more advanced game titles than the Android Market has right now but this phone is already reason enough to inspire Android developers to create more titles soon.

AT&T has not yet announced a specific launch date for the Captivate but said they plan to launch it this summer. Too bad, it will be electrifying to see them go play cute and launch it on the same day Verizon announced the Motorola Droid X release date on July 15 (update in the article linked). Samsung needs publicity in the U.S. HTC has been trumping them this year. Here are some of the best features of the Samsung Captivate SGH-I897:

  • Super AMOLED 4-inch touchscreen display – improved off-axis viewing and better outdoor visibility
  • Entertainment galore with gyroscope six-axis motion sensor and 3D graphics engine and surround-sound audio
  • 5 MP camera with HD video recording
  • Choose from thousands of apps on the Android Market
  • Integrated social networking tools – one place for status updates
  • 16 GB on-board memory for photos, videos, and music – expandable memory up to 32 GB
  • Android 2.1 but will soon have Android OS 2.2 Froyo. This may come as a free upgrade or an auto-update so let’s wait for official announcements

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  1. Benny Yap says:

    I have a few question regarding Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone.

    1. Does the android software support Skype application?
    2. Does it have Chinese writing language?
    3. How stable is the android software?

    Please reply
    Thank you

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  3. Winford Peregrino says:

    Does the Samsung Captivate have an LED Flash and if so does it work with video? Does it also have a front facing camera for video conferencing?