Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Globe Prepaid Plan vs Postpaid Plan in the Philippines

Our past Samsung Galaxy S i9000 review was really justifiable when we had our hands on it. The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone is truly a joy to have. My friend Almario got his Samsung Galaxy S model i9000 instead of the Galaxy Spica i5700 not because the guy has enough money to buy one but because he thought the new Samsung Galaxy S i9000 was way better in features. Compared to iPhone 4, our collective opinion makes the i9000 a clear winner. Sure, Apple’s mobile phone is an icon but Samsung isn’t taking the competition sitting down when it designed and released the Samsung Galaxy S series phones.

First, the Samsung Galaxy S (i9000 model) sports a bright 4″ AMOLED screen making displays clearer especially to those who have difficulty seeing under low light. The default display of Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone, in all honesty, is a hell lot better than most android phones we’ve played around with so far. It’s even better than the Sony Experia X10 android phone I purchased almost two months ago (read my Sony Xperia X10 review so you will know limitations of this model).

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Sample Photo

Samsung Galaxy S i9000: Android Phone Sold by Globe in the Philippines

Second, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has a clear signal and does not need bumper cases to increase signal reception strength (ooooppps… sorry iPhone 4 users). My bad. But I will stick with my view that Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is better than iPhone 4. No offense meant.

Third, the processor of Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (1Ghz Hummingbird) is noticeably faster than Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s Qualcomm Snapdragon with the same processor speed rating. It was a breeze using the Swype text-input software installed in the Galaxy S. Texting is now more fun and gave new meaning to our texting activities.

Last but not least, there are tons of free Android apps we have tried and intend to share with you here. Yes, they are mostly free but have Admob ads running. For example free game apps for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 have caused a bit of annoyance but this is normal since everyone who have downloaded free games are required to buy the Paid versions to remove the advertisements.

So far we cannot complain about anything in this new android phone. It’s a must-have for tech-savvy individuals who are not short on cash. The price of Samsung Galaxy S i9000 in Philippine Pesos is under PhP 33,000 (~US$ 725) from Globe Telecoms (Philippines). This is the prepaid plan price. We didn’t go for the Globe postpaid plan as we are not addicted to texting and we’re not expecting to consume the allocated call time and free texts. It’s more convenient for us to buy load for our Samsung Galaxy S i9000 from random stores.

Globe Galaxy S i9000 android phone postpaid plans range from PhP 349-1,999 (My Superplan deal) and PhP 299-3,799 for the My Fully Loaded Plan. With these steep prices of postpaid plans, we think in the long run, the prepaid deal is the better choice. In the US, the plans are different and we’re really not expecting iPhone users to change their minds towards their handsets just because of discrepancy in pricing alone.

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  1. Benny Tagaban says:

    Hello mga kababayan, eto naman ang opinyon ko about the samsung galaxy s i9000. it’s price is more affordable and that counts a lot for mobile phone users. for an android phone, i think the samsung galaxy s i9000 is better than iPhone 4 in many respects (like many others’ opinions and user reviews i’m reading right now). napaka-clear pa ng screen nya and it’s more comfy to use than sony ericsson xperia x10 whose bulky for me because i got small hands. meron din akong LG Optimus Q GT540 android phone pero di ganito kaganda gaya ng Samsung Galaxy S i9000 droid phone.

    The only problem with the Samsung i9000 is its weak wireless signal at times. random lang naman ang mga incidents na to pero minsan nakakasira ng mood. i had to turn off the phone, restart it then turn on the wi-fi again.

  2. iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S i9000? says:


    I’m confused which to buy, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone or iPhone 4. The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 price in the Philippines is almost P13,000 cheaper that the iPhone 4. I’ve been thinking to get a Samsung Galaxy S Globe plan (prepaid) but your article doesn’t seem to agree with my thoughts. What is your recommendation? Will I get the contract-free i9000 or iPhone 4 postpaid plan from globe telecoms.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Be Practical says:

      @iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S i9000?,

      Since you asked which to buy, let me give you my opinion. First, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 price in the Philippines is cheaper than Apple’s iPhone 4, why not get it if you want to save some money. I’m not saying that the iPhone 4 is no good but vs the i9000 android phone, I think you can even do much more. With the Android OS, you can download tons of free for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000. These free apps and widgets will make your life easier and you can enjoy the phone much better (that is of course if you love these stuff).

      The same thing is true with the iPhone 4 because of the availability of free apps on Apple’s AppStore but think about the pricing. If, however, you got lots of cash, then go for the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 price difference compared to the iPhone 4 in the Philippines may not mean anything to you. Also, like what the article recommended, don’t go for any Globe postpaid plan if you’re not active in texting or calling. With a Globe prepaid plan, you can better control your consumption by way of loading. If you consume some 100 minutes (minimum) of call time per month and send out some 300 text messages (minimum) per month, then maybe you should really consider an appropriate Globe postpaid plan for you.

      Just my two cents. Peace!