Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Android Smartphone Released

Samsung made a lot of money on the Galaxy Ace Android phone they launched last year and it’s no surprise they are selling a successor model of it. The new Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 has hit commercial distribution around the globe last February.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Smartphone photos showed Samsung is again risking the wrath of Apple. This handset looks like an iPhone, the same shape, the same rounded-edge bevel and very similar screen/menu home button lay-out! However, the outer case looks more like the iPhone 3GS released in 2009 not like an iPhone 4.

Galaxy Ace Plus Android Phone Release Date, Feautures and Price

An unlocked Galaxy Ace Plus Android Smartphone Model Number GT-S7500L by Samsung sells for a price of $299 at Amazon.

Setting aside this controversial imitation of an iPhone product, the Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 is a mid-range Android phone that will appeal to budget-constraint buyers. This is great for those who don’t need the extra features of the Samsung 16GB Galaxy Note 3G Unlocked World Phone.

It only comes powered by a single-core 1GHz processor and runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS. It’s not the fastest in terms of computing power but thankfully, Samsung is giving the Galaxy Plus a default 512MB of RAM so it will still be speedy enough for multi-tasking operations.

This new model may have a faster processor and a bigger 3.7GB internal storage but it still uses an unimpressive 320×480 3.6-inch display. On top of the Android 2.3 OS, Samsung once again installed their TouchWiz UI which looks cute but doesn’t really improve the user experience in my opinion. The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 phone supports Bluetooth 3.0 but it still stuck with a USB 2.0 port.

There is no HDMI out but this one has a microSD slot and A-GPS. The audio input and speaker are still mono and not stereo but the Galaxy Ace Plus comes with a built-in FM radio tuner and a universal 3.5mm audio jack. Battery-wise, this handset comes with the standard 1300mAh rechargeable battery that will probably last less than 24 hours on standby if background running apps are not disabled regularly.

Generally, it’s better than the Samsung T404 TracFone Messaging Phone but not as advanced as the smartphones presented at CES 2012. I won’t recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 on the merit of its hardware specs but I kind of like the iPhone-like look of it which can fool most people!

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  1. mr. sullano says:

    i just bought mine but i dont know how to enable gprs in globe here in the philippines

  2. THURA SOE says:

    I bought Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L model handphone last week at Yangon (Myanmar) but I didn’t get manual book. I would like to know how to use efficiently this phone. There fore what can Samsung help me for this difficulties. Thanks