Prices of Cheap Samsung Mobile Phones Sold Online

If you are an online shopper and want to some some ideas on prices of cheap Samsung mobile phones, here is a short list. This list may be inaccurate because it is a product of quick online research on prices of cheap unlocked Samsung GSM cell phones sold by some online stores. Prices of cheap Samsung mobile phones may have changed as of this posting:

  • Samsung Black Jack $330
  • Samsung M500 $260
  • Samsung M610 $260
  • Samsung Omnia 16GB $270
  • Samsung I600 $170
  • Samsung SCH-i730 $190
  • Samsung D500 $150

I have also published here before the prices of Motorola GSM cell phones and prices of unlocked Nokia phones. If you need some idea on prices of these phone models, feel free to follow the links leading to the articles.

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  2. lowell says:

    Just want to asks, I looking for samsung i900 omnia, is it still available? is it brand new? Im willing to buy it. PLS REPLY!!

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