Nokia N97 Mini Smartphone: Slick But an Overpriced Mobile Phone

Will you buy a Nokia N97 Mini smartphone despite its high price? For US consumers, the answer may be NO. While the U.S. is greatly enamored with the iPhone and Blackberry phones, Nokia is still king of cell phone in many other countries in the world. Outside of the US and Europe, Nokia is so ubiquitous with cell phones, Chinese pirates still loves doing fake or clone versions of popular Nokia phones in case you didn’t know.

Sample Photo of Nokia N97 Mini

Unfortunately, Nokia has been lagging behind such powerhouse Apple, RIM, and HTC in the lucrative market for smart phones. The Finnish company is doing it all wrong because they keep releasing sub par models with steep price tags. The Nokia N97 Mini is just not worth the $550 dollars of my hard-earned money. Maybe for its bigger brother, Nokia N97, this price is fair for some buyers. But feature for feature, Nokia N97 Mini cannot stand up to Verizon’s Motorola Droid phone or the iPhone because people are now more discerning of a product’s usability in their lives.

Another Sample Nokia N97 Mini Mobile Phone Photo

Sure the Nokia N97 Mini has some good specs and features such as a 3.2 touchscreen display, 8GB built-in memory, a-GPS, Wifi, superb MP3 audio, sturdy construction, but other than these standard features, the Nokia N97 Mini lacks any “wow-factor.” This smaller rescaled version of the failed N97 is just one more for the trashcan. It doesn’t offer anything new or fancy like what the manufacturers of Blackberry Curve 8900 or HTC Touch Pro 2 mobile phone did when these models were released.

Our Nokia N97 Mini Review: I am nominating the Nokia N97 Mini as the year 2009’s most desperate attempt that failed. Nokia already botched their flagship smartphone N97 model but again came up with just as inutile smartphone N97 Mini. My best advice for them is to ditch the Symbian OS and get Google Android OS. Stop using resistive monitor technology and make phones that have capacitive touch screen display! They should also program their smart phone software to integrate with popular social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace. Socialization is one major reason why people buy smartphones. They want to stay connected with friends and families.

I’m not giving up on Nokia. They might come up with a smartphone that will justify a price tag of more than $500. For now, just like the clumsy Nokia N97, I’m giving the N97 mini a 2-star rating. Not worth buying!

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