New Samsung Wave II S8530 to Replace Samsung Wave S8500 Sports a Super LCD Screen

Samsung is clearly not neglecting their Bada OS ambition, they just announced the new Samsung Wave II S8530 that’s even better than the original. The Samsung Wave II S8530 looks like its predecessor but it now sports a bigger 3.7-inch display. Surprisingly, unlike the Samsung Wave S8500, the new Samsung Wave II model S8530 junked the super AMOLED screen. This new Bada OS phone now sports Super LCD!

There’s a truth then to the industry rumor that Samsung is suffering from a serious shortage of AMOLED screens which forced them to just use Super LCD for the new Samsung Wave II S8530!

Samsung Wave II S8530 Sample Photo

The Samsung Wave II S8530 sports a bigger display and new Bada OS 1.2

Other than the bigger display and different screen technology, the Samsung Wave II S8530 features the same hardware specifications similar to the original Samsung Wave S8500 model. It still sports 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 5 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, and Wifi b/g/n. There are no improvements in these areas but there are certain changes.

For comparison, the only difference might be more software-related since the Samsung Wave II S8530 will now ship with Samsung Bada OS 1.2 which includes a new USB icon, T9 Trace Type input that’s similar to Swype, and a faster User Interface. Samsung said the S8530 will be available for Europe starting November 2010.

Actual Samsung Wave II S8530 release date is still speculated upon by pundits and rumors have it that it could be on Halloween. The unsubsidized retail price of Samsung Wave II S8530 is €429 ($587). This is from the official announcement made by the manufacturers.

Are you going to buy this phone? It’s got superior hardware specs but Bada OS seems a lost cause because up until now, it still lacks free games and other apps that are booming in new Android phones like LG Ally, Verizon’s Motorola Droid R2-D2 Special Edition, Droid 2 World Edition, and iPhone 4. Read our reviews of these mobile phones to compare them with Samsung’s new Bada OS handset. To be honest, we are hesitant to buy it because there are many cheap android phones available in the market today, such as Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503, that we think can do better than the Wave II S8530 in terms of functionality.

It might take a while for Samsung Wave II S8530 apps to appear on Samsung’s very own app store. This is the same reason why the older Samsung Wave with Bada OS is still struggling in sales in the UK, Canada, US and even here in the Philippines. The pricing is high but we can’t download free apps to make it worth the cost.

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  1. Samsung Wave S8500 user says:


    I’ve been puzzled by the immediate release of Samsung Wave II S8530. Is there really a significant difference with the Samsung Wave S8500? IMHO, the Samsung S8500 is only slightly upgrade in the S8530 model. I, like you, hopes that there will be more apps for these phones because it’s been what the phones really need now that the competition from Android and iPhone is getting tight.

  2. Tucekoi says:


    There are free apps here in the Philippines since July. Where have you been (or what cave for the matter)?

    • jps says:

      @Tucekoi, Thanks for your input. However, either you are an employee of Samsung Philippines or did not get the context of the whole article.

      First, it’s not only my team that has some complaints about free apps for Samsung Wave S8500 and newer models like Samsung Wave II S8530. The writer of the article simply meant in the statement “The pricing is high but we can’t download free apps to make it worth the cost.” that really USEFUL free apps are wanting, in comparison with Apple’s Appstore and Android Market. If you’ve been to the linked articles (within the article we’re on) you will realize there are many cheap Android phone models out there, much cheaper than Wave S8500, that can download apps which users find really useful, enjoy and praise.

      In case you haven’t read it yet, Samsung is indeed struggling to offer USEFUL apps to its customers, hence, the contest detailed in this article we’ve published in August –

      If you are a Samsung employee, I suggest you conduct a research about what your customers really want and what area of your services need improvement.

      Go to forums, blogs and news site and you will see that it’s not only us here that share the same sentiments about the lack of (not the total absence of) free apps for Samsung Wave products. If you need references for further reading, just ask me politely and I will send the links to your email.