Motorola Motosurf A3100 Smartphone Touchscreen Looks Cool

Motorola at CES 2009 presented two cell phone models: the eco-friendly Moto W233 Renew and the Motosurf A3100 Touchscreen. The Motosurf A3100 touchscreen look cool and nice unlike the Moto W233 Renew (which is perceived by many as a phone with some design flaws). Motosurf A3100 touchscreen features include the following:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 software
  • Stylus or an omni-directional trackball.
  • The home screen icons can be personalized to give ‘live’ feeds on weather, news, personal and work e-mail, messaging and calendar events.
  • WiFi and 3G connectivity make the experience seamless and fast.

In addition, according to the developers of Motosurf A3100,

Motorola Motosurf A3100 Smartphone With Touchscreen

Motorola Motosurf A3100 Smartphone With Touchscreen

“We developed the MOTOSURF A3100 as a true social smartphone,” said John Cipolla, senior vice president, product development, Motorola Mobile Devices. “Home screen personalization and access to a whole host of applications gets the info you want – fast, and at your fingertips.”

Whether toggling back and forth between documents while on the go, listening to MP3s, video conferencing on the run, updating your Facebook status or using aGPS to navigate from point A to B, MOTOSURF puts every aspect of your life, personal and professional, just a touch away.

MOTOSURF A3100 will be available in multiple regions beginning in Q1 2009, including Asia and Latin America.

Motorola Motosurf A3100 Smarthphone

Motorola Motosurf A3100 Smarthphone

With Motorola’s intent to help save the environment by using recyclable materials in their cell phones, there is no doubt in my mind that they will produce more smartphones using “green technology”. Like in my discussion in my previous articles, it’s not enough that businesses earn money. They should also be conscious in protecting the environment. Call it social responsibility. In this respect, Motorola is winning the race in my humble opinion. I hope to see more eco-friendly phones from this company.

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