How to Setup WAP by Activating GPRS and MMS of Globe Cell Phones

As a follow-up to my article on “How to Setup WAP by Enabling GPRS and MMS of Smart Cell Phones”, I am posting here the tested ways to activate GPRS and MMS settings of Globe-powered cell/mobile phones and connect these phones to the internet via WAP. A similar tutorial on how to “Configure Nokia N99i V9+i, Nokia N95 8Gb Clone and Other China Cell Phones to Connect to the Internet” has been written to activate GPRS and MMS of China-made cell phones. In that article, simple steps in connecting to the internet were also pointed out. However, I will still write something about how to configure email settings on those phones.

To setup WAP in Globe-powered mobile phones via text messaging and automatically configure/activate GPRS and MMS, do the following:

Go to Menu -> Services -> WAP -> Settings -> Edit Profile
Select myGlobe WAP, Press Activate Profile and Save
Go to Menu -> Messages -> MMS -> Message Settings -> Server Profile
Select myGlobe MMS, Select Activate Profile and Save
Activate by sending “GO” to 2951 but do not save the response from Globe.

If above procedure fails, manually setup GPRS, MMS and WAP using the following

Setup/Enable GPRS

Go to Menu -> Entertainment -> Services -> Data Account -> GPRS
Select myGlobe WAP
Account Name: “my Globe GPRS”
APN: “”
Select myGlobe MMS
Account Name: “myGlobe MMS”
APN: “”
Exit and save settings

Setup/Enable MMS

Go to Menu -> PIM -> Messages -> MMS -> Message Settings -> Server Profile
Select myGlobe MMS, Select Edit Profile
Rename Profile: “myGlobe MMS”
Homepage: “’ ”
Data Account: “myGlobe MMS”
Connection Type: Select “HTTP”, Press Ok
Proxy Address: “ ”
Proxy Port: Enter “8080”
Select Activate Profile

Setup/Enable WAP

Go to Wap -> Settings -> Edit Profile
Select myGlobe GPRS, Select Edit Profile
Rename Profile: “myGlobe WAP”
Homepage: “”
Data Account: :myGlobe GPRS”
Press Options, Ok
Connection Type: Select “HTTP: and Press Ok
Proxy Address: Enter “”
Proxy Port: Enter “8080”
Select Activate Profile, Press Yes to Activate Profile

Next “HOW-TO” will deal with How to activate GPRS and MMS of cell phones powered by Sun Cellular. If you have encountered some problems in the setup  of GPRS and MMS settings of Globe-powered cell phones/mobile phones, let me know through your comments. :-)

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  1. wind says:

    HEllo,po ask ko lang,HOW to activate ung gprs sa star mobile astra,using Globe TM. HIndi parin kasi makapag internet e. ANd ung instructions na type GO and send to 333. hndi prin gumgnan e! HElp po…naman …kasi nasa byahe lage nid ko po lage ng 3g internet.

  2. acell says:

    Hello! my phone is a KingCom Injoy 303. How can I use my Internet connection if my wap setting keep on popping up error communication everytime I try it.

  3. nemrac says:

    my phone is a T18 DUO, what will i do to activate the GPRS of my phone, if my phone is not compatible for surfing can i still activate its GPRS? please help me.

  4. mina says:

    i have lg optimus bright l-07c
    i dont know how to activate my gprs pls help..thanks

  5. Joekay says:

    please, how long does it take for the GPRS be configured in a fone? my mobile phone is nokia 200. I have tried the method yet it has not really help. I need further help. Thanks

  6. bryan says:

    i need configuration setting of GPRS and MMS on my phone . settings for Blackberry china model mt6225 . thank you for helping me :)

  7. ann hubbard says:

    pls i need help with configuration for MMS & internet for LG CU500 cp pls pls

  8. yrrac78 says:

    pls. help.baguhan lang po…sino po pwede makatulong regarding procedure to access free internet surfing/fb using cherry mobile Z5 dual sim (globe/smart.thanks in advance

  9. Dennis says:

    I cant install GPRS setting on my MOTOROLA K1. The only setting appears on my phone is EDGE i tried to download the setting but the display is always “update is required” pls help me. What should i do.
    Thank you!

  10. Vipul says:

    I asked qustion,
    Were i find my answer??

  11. Vipul says:

    I’m in kyrgyzstan/osh,
    Network : beeline kg,
    Model : nokiaE63 : +996779868731
    Apn : internet,
    How i can use free internet/gprs/wap on my mobile?
    Thak you.

  12. KiRa says:

    Furainan: your e71 china is not the real model of that phone.. because i have a china e71 to but the model of the phone is sony ericsson w800i and that what i use to get my settings in the GPRS in smart only.. but in globe it did not function.. i dont know why.. globe has only limitid handset of mobile phones.. but we have the GPRS settings now but it works on wap only.. in java app web browser its not working… globe is so great in there network… i will post some settings here wen we have the final settings… :D

  13. furainan says:

    my cellphone is nokia e71 china. i follow your instruction and if i send go to 2951.. the reply is…. YOU HAVE ENTERED AN INVALID KEYWORD OR HANDSET MODEL. TO GET HANDSET SETTINGS FOR FREE, TEXT GO ,,1234 TO 2951.(etchetera etchetera).. i follow it but i send it 5 times.. it doesnt works

  14. olrec says:

    my phone is t108 is it china made?

  15. KAT says:

    hi. thanks for this post.. i just have a question. will this cost us some charges?

  16. manny says:

    still wrong gateway ip for my TV-N100i

  17. Patrick says:

    I had my Nokia N70. I follow the steps for how to Setup MMS but it can’t able to send the message. The details why is because, “Packet data connection is not available” Any response for this? Please help me.

  18. chona says:

    Hi cp is myphone i dont know how to activate my Gprs.Please help….Thanks and God bless!chona

  19. Niel says:

    sir papanu po activate ung WAP or GPRS sa TM sim..parehas din po b sa GLOBE sim…. I just want to ask the same question with darell.. Can u please help us… Thanks

  20. darell says:

    sir papanu po activate ung WAP or GPRS sa TM sim..parehas din po b sa GLOBE sim….

  21. raprap says:

    i have nokia 6300 i tried your instruction but it always failed

  22. dwight says:

    i have a “cheery mobile S80″ china phone and i tried your instruction, then a reply came says, “your phone is not supported by gprs” but the features of the box in this phone has “GPRS/MMS capable”… how does it’s not supported… is there any other way to activate gprs on this kind of phone??? hopping for your reply,,, tnx… xD

  23. Yan says:

    i just brought a blackberry 8900TV (china phone) yesterday. I tried your instruction but my wifi is still not working. =( please help..

  24. allan pinoy says:

    ei man ur a life saver dude, more success for u in the future.

  25. anna lorain e lastimado says:

    how to activate gprs for iphone china phone

  26. peter says:

    I have a blackberry 9630.My father just sent it to me from the US. everytime I tried to configure it..I always got the reply of ” device is not compatible to receive this settings” what shall I do next? pls help me…

  27. Trace says:

    Hello, I need help.I have Samsung SGH-A837. It is actually an AT&T mobile and I can’t connect its gprs/mms settings.It says that my phone was not compatible to receive the settings.

  28. cheen says:

    i already activated my gprs/mms but but as i visited the web, it is said there that my gateway IP is invalid.. i dont know what that is.. :) hope u cud help me..

  29. elaine says:

    hi and good day

    i just need help with setting up gprs and mms settings for my nokia n95 phone china made but not dual sim, im using a TM(touch mobile) SIM…i would really appreciate any help…thanks so much

  30. Willia, says:

    i have phone model LG CU500… anyone can help me how to activate gprs??


  31. cin says:

    how do i setup gprs on my blackberry dual sim phone

  32. Llemujin says:

    filipino ka? galing mo tol me n99i ako try ko pa pag nag work puri kita, pano ba sa sun? yung sa globe try ko pa bukas eh, thanks ulit save ko to at share blogsite mo para laki sweldo mo sa Adsense hehe

  33. Mary says:

    I have the China Phone V68… how come when I try to access facebook or twitter mobile, it always says, “secure connection failed”?

  34. joan says:

    help me naman bakit connection management ko sa phone ko failure no network found

  35. Maribel Herrera says:

    Hello please help naman po pano activate SCIPhone ko yung GPRS & MMS =( di kasi ako makapagbrowse sa internet eh… need your guys…

  36. anakin says:

    Salamat ng marami, laki tulong nito Globe ako na may China phone na Blackberry 9000 series, activated na both GPRS and MMS, dahil sa tulong mo! galing

  37. kaycee says: kaycee..i am using blackberry curve 8520 (original). i dont know how to activate its gprs/mms/internet..i cant even use wifi.. tsk3
    hope u could help

  38. Ricky says:

    i have the iPhone clone H003, i’m a Globe subscriber,, .. when i tried to set my GPRS,,, it asks for primary and secondary DNS … and it has fixed digits like

    Secondary DNS:

    i cannot enter the secondary proxy on secondary dns because it wont accept the digit 8 until the ninth digit… please help!! Thank You!! Gob Bless you!!

  39. henzo says:

    i have bought a china mobile Nokia E71 Pro, dont know how to set-up its gprs/mms/wap. please help

  40. kristine says:

    Hello…I’m using blackberry curve 8520 (china phone) I followed you’re instructions here but it’s always error in connection can you please help me?if you don’t mind pls.reply on my email add…I really need you’re help…Thank you poh…

  41. john says:

    thanks so much for the help…

    wow… ur a big help!

  42. pier garcia says:

    hi! please please help me set up my samsung omnia i900’s mms/gprs settings… those who have the same phone w/ globe sim, help please!

  43. badei says:

    hi! i tried the fix for globe gprs set up for nokia n95 8gb clone and it worked! fantastic! whoever posted the fix ur a genius!!!! ive been dealing with this for a week, tweaking on the settings and still didnt work not until i pulled up this website and tried the manual settings and its working now, … i thank you so much for posting the fix, again, UR A GENIUS!!!

  44. jhayvie marie says:

    i think it’s working…. thank you!!! slamat po!!!!

  45. itsmeshiella says:

    thank you soooooo much po..=) na open ko na yung GPRS ko sa globe=)

  46. tine says:

    my phone is a china nokia6300, ive followed this steps but still,i cant connect… pls. help!!

  47. Barry says:

    hi…i have a GPRS problem on my HTC MAGIC, im using a Globe Simpack..i really cant turn on my GPRS..

    can u pls help me?? tnx

  48. melissa says:

    hi all! can anyone please help me how to activate gprs on my sony ericsson xperia x10. wifi is working, my mms is working but when browsing it says “connection failed” “web page not available. tatlong branch na ng globe pinuntahan ko and all says “sorry wala kasing sony ericsson ang globe” please help!

    thanks in advance

  49. Dal says:

    hi..i was surfing the net for sites that could help me with the GPRS and WAP settings for my Samsung s5620/Monte when i stumbled upon your web site..hope u can help me with this..thanks

  50. polpot18 says:

    Paano po i-activate gprs mms pag touch mobile ang #? Samsung Monte po ang unit

  51. Yuichi16 says:

    SA mga nagtatanong sa wap setting sa sciphone i9+++…
    (para sa myGlobe GPRS: Account name:”myGlobe GPRS” APN:””)
    Use proxy: YES
    Proxy address:
    Port: 8080

  52. justin says:

    and i try ur steps but didn’t work it says the setting is not compatible 2 ur phone

  53. justin says:

    i have a zetel n82y powered by touch mobile how can i activate my gprs and mms

  54. diane says:

    im using sony k530i. i dont know how to configure my gprs and mms. please help.

  55. Allyson says:

    will it work with H003+? oh and do you know how to setup h003+’s wifi? please bounce back

  56. Cynthia says:

    pano po mag open ng GPRS kung cherry mobile ang phone, smart & globe. pls help!

  57. David Timothy Navida says:

    hi i have my Sciphone i9+++. I bought it from china. I dont know how to configure it to globe gprs. i tried the instructions given above but it just says that “gprs not subscribed” what should i do? i also have tried texting 2951 but it wont work. please help me… please…

    this is my email:

    please email me i you have the answers thank you..

  58. nicolas_carp says:

    hi, i bought a nokia N97i in china and im living in south africa, but it does not have ¨myGlove WAP¨..please help me I really need internet on my phone thank you

  59. she051501 says:

    hi! just activated my MMS on my blackberry 8900 china phone and its working …my problem is the GPRS. still i couldn’t connect’s failed.. pls help me…

  60. she051501 says:

    hi, just bought a china phone Blackberry 8900 model, and i had follow all the instructions in setting up GPRS/WAP services on your previous post.(for GLobe network) and it seems it doesnt work on my phone..still connection failed please help me….

    and for sun network, once i inserted my sim to the 2nd slot it automatically receive mms/gprs setting but whenever i install it takes more than an hour in configuring it settings and it never stops……

  61. brenda says:

    wow i cant believe this i follow these instruction and now i can use wap using my iclone phone (an iphone clone, obviously). this is really great ty

  62. promise chidi says:

    Please send the code

  63. joyce says:

    how can i open my internet on lg ku 900?tnx

  64. johnny says:

    can someone help me with enabling gprs on my motorola razor v3xx with globe sim. thanks!

  65. maer says:

    pls help me use my mobile phone to connect to internet or send data thru mms. i was able to activate gprs/mms/wap. but then it doesnt work. sending failed after 83% sending thru mms. and connecting to internet the result was that the size is unknown. my phone is SciPhone i68. china phone. tnx.

  66. Kami says:

    Dude, im begging for help. I’m using a Samsung i900, not china made, original ;) paid a damned 40000 pesos for it including some accessories. but i cant seem to enable the internet cuz when i enter the phone model a msg is sent back sayin’ that my phone aint supported! wth! Omnia is a superphone, it aint like the rest of dumb china made phones. and yet not supported? i can do anything with this phone. Wth…can u please verify if i900 is really supported or not? Thx in advance :)

  67. Lea says:

    hey i know you guys is the only one that could really help me.. i have my china phone blackberry 8900 and i want to surf in the internet but then shouild i supposed to have a load before i can surf the interenet? and also i want to know how to set up my wap setting?

    thank you very much..
    ill just wait for your reply.. =)

  68. francois bezuidenhout says:

    i have lc c11 phone can’t set up the wap will please help me

  69. Analyn says:

    my phone is nokia 6700, will u help me to open my GPRS, MMS, and also WAP?……..

  70. mr.RiGhT says:

    how to set up my mms and gprs setting on my nokia 6300 phone? it is vodafone.. please help me.. thnx a lot if u help me..

  71. erica says:

    Hello I have the cect i9 phone how do I download the myspacce and aol application to this phone.. Help please

  72. billy says:

    i have a htc magic g2 on vodafone and im in the united kingdom. would it be possible if you could tell me how to subscribe to the gprs or even enable the wifi. thank you.

  73. Isaiah says:

    please how can i configure Nokia E71 china using MTN, Glo,and Zain network in nigeria

  74. obay23 says:

    how can i connect to an internet on my phone n6300 dual sim with globe and tm sim, china phone

  75. Dusty says:

    ok i have a china made mt6225, i tried your instructions but now its telling me invalid url. can you help me?

  76. XENDEE says:

    oww…How to Setup WAP by Activating GPRS and MMS of Globe Cell Phones”

    i want to know but i am a smart user…is it available for smart users????

  77. carlo says:

    i followed your instructions but it says “GPRS not subscribed”… did i do something wrong?

    my phone is a 5900+ from china.

  78. andy says:

    I mean the instructions above…

  79. andy says:

    I really can’t do it…I am using China phone and it’s N99i….I am so frustrated that I really can’t set the GPRS on my phone…Please help me how to…I’ve been trying the instructions below but still it’s not working…please help…T_T…

  80. jade says:

    need help on how to activate wap on my sciphone i68 pls. thanks

  81. kzie.. says:

    pano ko poh b maoopen ung GPRS ko s china phone ko? ang model nia ay N70? sn poh matulungan nyo ako…dami ko n kc naitry pero plagi wlng nangyayari … wait ko poh ang reply nyo.. tnx ulit

  82. kalyn says:

    okie so i have a S300. I went through all the steps. when i tried to go onto WAP it said GPRS not subscribed . Also when i sent the text saying GO to 2951 i got a text back saying it was invalid short code. help!!!!!!!

  83. oscar says:

    hey i have the i9 3g whenever i try to download an mms it says: gprs not subscribed

  84. Joe says:

    GPRS Not subscribed. HELP PLEASE!!!

  85. gerald says:

    thank you very much for the blog that you made you help me a lot… keep on blogging… nice one

  86. zillah says:

    gprs setting naman po for globe. my phone is LG CU500 tnx

  87. lynn20 says:


    meron ka bang alam na sites kung saan walang bayad?

  88. Egz says:


    I already got Globe Settings but it won’t connect.

    Thanks a lot!

  89. Jayson says:

    Hi, i got my n3110c reprogrammed, and now, all the globe configuration settings are gone. I’ve tried your tutorials but it doesn’t work. Pls help

  90. blue says:

    i’ve setting up my gprs and mms using d above mentioned step but when i tried using my gprs it says that i am not do i correct d error?by d way my phone is N100i – china phone.

  91. shinez says:


    ive followed all the instructions above…

    but when im bowsing…

    it says “connection failed”

    help me pls…

    myphone s21 thats the model of my phone

  92. jm says:

    hi. can u help me in setting the internet manually for SAMSUNG OMNIA i900? IM FRON ISRAEL AND IM USING orange network.


  93. piscut3 says:

    Hi, thanks for the help.
    I tried to get help from globe but they said that they don’t have settings for globe. But when i tried your suggestion. It works.Thanks.

  94. mark says:

    how to set up wap to my phone b21 globe


    i have followed all the procedures you have posted but when i inquire to internet it always replied “GPRS not subscribed”. my phone is N99i, what can i do to solve this.
    thank you very much

  96. Ryan Manguiat says:

    sana mag ka gprs n ako at internet gusto kc marami search about games my phone a88

  97. Kat says:

    Would you happen to know the GPRS Settings for a Nokia 7210 Supernova? I never got the GPRS settings when I called Globe and I’ve contacted them three times already. :( Thank you so much in advance.

    • Mayee says:

      I’m using the same mobile device and encountered the same problem. I hope you could help us with this one, thanks in advance.

  98. three_pink_roses says:

    help! i can’t send mms. been trying to download using GO Nokia 6300,,1234 send to 2951 but i never received any settings. i know i already have settings because i can use my web to check out my yahoo or friendster account, but im not sure why i cant send mms. also i know this is not related to the article but you might help me how i can have the IM on my phone activated. thanks a lot!

    • jessie says:


      Ok I will try to look into this problem of yours. It’s weird, I have not encountered something like that before but I will try my best to look for a solution.

      jessie’s last blog post..Incidence of Pneumonia in the Philippines During Cold Months

      • three_pink_roses says:

        thanks jessie! actually i already called globe’s customer service regarding this.. i told her i didn’t receive any message on the settings. she said that i should try sending mms on my number and i told her i did that a lot of times and it’s not working.. it’s kind of frustrating since i’ve been trying to send the same keywords for like ten times and i haven’t received any settings yet. i’d really appreciate your help, thanks jessie!

    • enzo2009 says:

      Hi three_pink,
      Hope you’re well.
      I am using the same unit as yours, could you please tell me what is the setting. You mentioned you already has a connection.

      By the way, what network are you using?

      Thank you in advance!

  99. henoie says:

    i have an n100i globe and tried your works.thank you! but i have a different problem.the n100i is a dual sim phone,sim 1 is working fine but sim 2 is not.i tried to insert/re-insert etc…but the phone sez it is an invalid sim (but when i inserted this invalid sim on the slot of sim 1,it works fine.pls help.

  100. Kyle says:

    never mind… it totally worked. thanks a lot!

    i just went through the steps over and over again. turns out its not too different after all

  101. Kyle says:

    i think my n99i model is different. when i go to the data account it shows GSM Data ang GPRS. so following the procedures are really frustrating. would you happen to know a different setup for my n99i model?

  102. jacky says:

    pls help me.. i have n99i its china phone.. i dont have any setting of gprs and mms, im using orange company here in israel… pls help help me.

  103. carl pelare says:

    how can i activate my gprs….my phone is china made….it’s Aone 6120(nokia6120i)….im a globe subscriber…pls help…tnx

  104. val says:

    I have a Samsung Omnia and I just changed my sim from globe to smart and then to globe again. Unfortunately, when I switched to Globe again, I can’t download my emails and connect to the internet via GPRS/3G. But I can still send MMS.

    I’ve been in the Globe business centers in Market! Market! and in ShangriLa and they are not capable of helping (geez!).

    This maybe my last resort otherwise… I’ll be swithching networks (again) since the other has good support for Omnia.



    Please help.

  105. klaih says:

    hi.. i have n99i.. i followed the instructions but it doesn’t work.. huhuhuhu.. hellllllllp///

  106. jolo says:

    i don’t have any gprs or wap after i tried those steps you’ve given to me

    • jessie says:


      What is your the model of your mobile phone? The tutorial given above is standard for Globe mobile phones and it has always worked before. Recheck your steps then tell me exactly what went wrong.

  107. benjamin says:

    I have the n99i an i only had service with it for about 30 sec and it stopped, i have the cingular 3g sim card, and it works great in my old phone that i had, so i was wanted to if there is anything i can do?

  108. muscles_mar says:

    I had china phone of N99i and i follow the instruction written here in enabling the wap and setting up my gprs as well as the mms. What comes next……. it really works! i am here in the philippines and now i can surf in the internet thanks for this site…… Mar

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