How to Setup Internet on BlackBerry SmartPhones

Photo of BlackBerry Curve 8900A reader asked “How Do I Setup Internet Connection on Blackberry Smartphones powered by Smart Addict Mobile?” Whatever is your network, you can configure your Blackberry smartphones like Blackberry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Curve 8320 to connect to the internet by doing the following:

  1. Run BES-required Internet software without BES
  2. Instant Messaging, AIM, ICQ, MSN (Verichat, WebMessenger, BerryVine, IM+, etc.)
  3. Full HTML web browsing ability (Reqwireless, BlackBerry Browser, etc.)
  4. IRC chatting (virca, wlirc, etc.)
  5. Telnet/SSH (Idokorro, etc.)

Other method to setup internet on your Blackberry phones:

  1. Upgrade your BlackBerryOS
  2. You need BlackBerry with OS 3.8 or later. If you have an older version of BlackBerryOS, please Download BlackBerryOS 4.0 and install it on your BlackBerry first.
  3. Configure your BlackBerry & Your Carrier
  4. On the BlackBerry handheld, go to Options -> TCP 
  5. There is a new option in BlackBerryOS 3.8 and later. Then fill in APN with the provided APN listead in the below post, that is appropriate for your carrier. If no username or password is provided, leave these blank. If only a username is provided, then leave in the password. Also, ignore the Gateway IP address, unless your Blackberry specifically has a textbox to enter the IP address in. “APN” means “Access Point Name”. Once you have saved the APN information, you should reboot your BlackBerry by removing and reinserting the battery.

Run your BlackBerry Internet Software. Once you have filled this information, your Internet applications should work on your BlackBerry. TCP/IP makes Internet software work, including chat software: Verichat, WebMessenger, IRC, Telnet/SSH, Web browsing, etc.

I have found the above tutorial on a Blackberry forum and I decided to post it here for the benefit of BlackBerry users especially in the Philippines. If you are in another country, check with your network the internet configuration settings for your Blackberry phone. You can enable internet access using your Blacberry phones if you know ahead of time the needed values in order to gain access to the internet.

If Your Blackberry phone is powered by Smart Telecoms, please read this: How to Setup WAP by Enabling GPRS and MMS of Smart Cell Phones.

If your Blackberry phone is powered by Globe telecoms, head on to this link: How to Setup WAP by Activating GPRS and MMS of Globe Cell Phones.

Finally, if your Blackberry phone is powered by Sun Cellular, click on this link: How to Activate GPRS and MMS of Nokia Phones Powered by Sun Cellular.

You may post int he comments section any problems you might encounter in enabling internet access with your Blackberry phone.

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  1. Pride says:

    hi plz help me… i have a blackberry 9530 smart phone and i need to know how to configure internet on it… pls help me… thx

  2. Emidio Cumbe says:

    To set up internet on BB is very easy,
    Is long you go to setup and Choose advanced option, after that look for TCP and then tick APN.
    For example, as i’m living at Mozambique, and my provider is Vodacom= that means my APN is internet., and if is a MCEL the APN will be

    Enjoy it

  3. Kiranraj says:

    I bought a blackberry curve 8520 i don’t know how to connect to the internet using that phone. any one help me plsss my num 9742777970

  4. petra says:

    hi, i have a blackberry 7230 powered by java, but i don not see my browser icon and also i am not able to access my applications. what do i do please help.

  5. agoh emmanuel says:

    Hi i am using BB8320 and i want to configure it please help me out with all the settings.

  6. glaiza gregorio says:

    i cant open my internet connection on my blackberry 9700 but i do have it on my old phone?can u help or teach me
    what will i do?thank you!

  7. Hashmatullah Pohyar says:

    Hi Iam Hashmatullah pohyar Iam using BB curve8900 and its’ network doesn’t work I bought it from Dubai and now Iam in Afghanistan plz… Help me in this way

  8. papaz says:

    I’m using blackberry pearl 8100 and I would like to use mobile internet but I don’t know how to set it up… Can you email me with the right settings or steps that I need to do?

  9. Kanu chinenye phina says:

    Please how do i activate my blackberry 9800, to enable use my blackberry messenger?

  10. maeva says:

    hi i have got a bb bold and ive got internet at my house and when i try to connect my bb to it it dont work it says enter this pin into your wireless router please help me

  11. ayuba says:

    Plz can sam1 send me a complete APN to browse the internet free on my blackberry curve 8900 Orange. My email is sumaila.ayuba(at)

  12. jUsTiCE says:

    I have my Blackberry 9700 Bold model, powered by Smart Phones. How to activate the MMS/GPRS/3G Supported handsets Blackberry 9700 bold model? Wiil you please help me??

  13. serbia says:

    Im from Serbia, Vipmobile. help please draganlutkic(at)

  14. jessie yncierto says:

    hi have a gud day, Im jez and I want my blackberry 8310 to avail of its internet service@suncellular network. how to setup, what to do, to fill up in ,……I wish I cud activate my phone’s gprs service

  15. mohamoud says:

    Dear BB users I have BB 8520 and facing a problem for its internet usage especially is downloading I have downloaded an opera browser and it doesn’t work it says that it checked to connect both the in and out firewall and can’t load the page to the connection so can anyone help me plz you can send your idea to my email

  16. jay says:

    Pls I downloaded 2go application on my blackberry tour 9630 but it doesn’t connect. I nid ur help pls

  17. serwaa says:

    pls i got my bb from london, but am in ghana now and the network i use is vodafone ghana, my bb is 8900 can i pls have APN settings username and password

  18. Tika says:

    Hi.. how about activating GPRS in my BlackBerry 9630 model ? please email me at tikathebe(at) i really need your help.

  19. Ijeoma says:

    i have a china bb b100 and gprs settings from zain.but i downloaded 2go but it would not connect. why

  20. Kollezky says:

    Please I need free cheat on my BB tour 9630 Verizon product with (MTN Nigeria Sim) already download Opera mini on my BB desktop.Help me out for God sake!

  21. jonathan says:

    true, i have had it a tough time. i recently bought blackberry 9630 tour but i cannot browse it simply because i cannot configure it. please, i really need help. can someone help me out!

  22. George loveable says:

    Am using a blackberry bold2 powered by at&t. Wish to configure and chat on 2go here in Nigeria. I’ve tried configuring d APN settings u showed above, I’ve removed n fixed d battery again but its still not connecting. It stops at ‘logging in’. Pls help.

  23. emmanuel says:

    Pls I need u 2 help send how I can configure blakbery 9000 (bold 1) for mtn and zain use urgently .pls contact me via my email… Cleverwhite67(at) . Thanks in anticipation

  24. Ezekiel says:

    Actually i have a problem to have free internet in my bb 9000 using mtn plse tel me what to do,ezekielowhe(at)

  25. uju says:

    How to configure gprs for bb 8520 so I can chat on 2go pls

  26. Benard says:

    I want to learn how to setup internet connection on blackberry

  27. stephen ozil says:

    the blackberry pearl 8100 is no longer active via its internet. i think its locked but now am totally stack about this issue thanks

  28. Haresh says:

    I have a BlackBerry 8900 T-Mobile. Can anyone tell me how can In configure internet settings on my phone? Please send me email on

    Thanks a lot really.

  29. sadiq says:

    Hello pls I am using a BB 8520 curve (t mobile) can u pls help me with the steps to follow to configure the gprs thanx

  30. ezeemo chidinma says:

    pls, i can u send me gprs settings for blackberry 8520. i downloaded 2go and it is asking for gprs settings. Thank you.

  31. sheeno says:

    halaw i have blackberry smart2 9520 and i cant use internet directly. i live in iraq use correct sim card…how can i get internet please help me

  32. ivy says:

    i have a curve 8320 but i cant connect to the internet.the only browser i have is a hot spot browser..i called my network provider and they told me that i need to configure the settings of my handset first..pls help using suncellular network.thanks.

  33. ikechukwu nze says:

    Pls sir, I hav BB 8320 but cant connect to the internet

  34. Tobi Odunlami says:

    hi..i have a blackberry 8310,,kindly tell me how to configure it to get internet access via h2o wireless network


  35. chubby says:

    i want to connect my blackberry curve 8310 to the AT&T. please help me, my phone was bought in the usa but i am in senegal i need help.

  36. Giliw Cando says:

    It doesn’t work…

  37. laine says:

    hi im laine…. i am using a blackberry curve8900 which was bought in saudi but i live in the philippines. my sim card is smart network. im trying to search the correct tcp apn for my phone and i’ve seen lots of tcp apn and i dont know which of those should i use. can you help me or give me the correct tcp apn for my phone. pls email me at your reply will be highly appreciated. tnx a lot…


    I bought a blackberry curve 8520 smart phone and to configure to internet is a problem i will apreciate if u can send the details to me in my box.

  39. Carlo Palapar says:

    Hi there,

    I’m using blackberry pearl 8100 and I would like to use mobile internet but I don’t know how to set it up… Can you email me with the right settings or steps that I need to do?

    I tried to follow instructions on that link but it seems to be so confusing…

    Thanks in advance…
    email me @

  40. sachin says:

    i have blackberry 8900 i want GPRS SETTING THANKS

  41. sheena castillo says:

    please help me with my mobile internet settings…i have a blackberry bold 9000..thanks!..

  42. wathiq says:

    please i have blackberry 9630 SIM card is zain iraqna i need to set up internet would you please helpe me with .. thank you

  43. Kayla Jacks says:

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8310 and trying to change my internet settings. Can you PLEASE tell me how I can do this?! Thanks

  44. billy says:

    hi good day. i bought china phone black berry 9800c and i wanted to use internet in my phone. the problem is i dont have any configuration to activate my phone internet why do i do? please help me.u can e mail me at my yahoo mail or rather text me 09308921349 thank you

  45. sammy says:

    i have blackberry 8310 im zain subscriber pls send me a configuration for free internet browsing my email is

  46. GG says:

    hi I got a AT&T Blackberry curve 8310, I am a globe subscriber.. Last week, I went to globe customer service to have my browser to be configured but the globe agent told me that they will not be able to configure my browser because my handset was not purchase from globe.. Please i need your help, i want my browser to be configured so that I can use internet on my phone.. here’s my email thanks

  47. Natasha Bridgelal says:

    i bought my Blackberry in new york but i live in the caribbean, trinidad to be exact and nothing is working on it except being able to receive and send calls or sms. the browser says the configuration isnt compatible with my network please help?

  48. harjap says:

    I want to know about the best & cheap internet services on blackberry device.

  49. harjap says:

    I have a blackberry bold 9000 mobile. i have already use nokia e63 with Vodafone mobile connect service. but now i want to access internet service on blackberry 9000 with the same sim that i m using in nokia please tell me the best way & best packages of internet services,which suits my blackberry phone.

  50. jojie says:

    i want to open my internet in my mobile my phone unit is blackberry 8520,,and this is a china phone.. i want to open the twitter,fb,yM,yahoo…pls help me…wat is gateway IP? when i open the twitter,fb,etc. the dsisplay is INVALID GATEWAY IP…WHAT IS THIS? PLS HELP ME…THANK YOU..pls email me

  51. buvana says:

    i want google mobile connection i am having BlackBerry set pls explain how i can connect to internet.thank you.

  52. My is Yenza says:

    I have a Blackberry 8300 i want to use internet but i cant, so please how can i set configuration pls help me on this

  53. pavlos says:

    hi i bought a china phone blackberry 8900 clone i can’t connect to internet pls can help me how to set up GPRS??? thanks pavlos

  54. akinwale says:

    i don’t know how to configure my blackberry 7230. pls if you know how to pls help…………………………

  55. nidhish says:

    hello, i have a Blackberry Curve 8310 and I’ve being trying to activate it for browsing the internet but i have not been able to do that, i don’t know if u can help with with that {

  56. Akin says:

    hello, i have a Blackberry Curve 8310 and I’ve being trying to activate it for browsing the internet but i have not been able to do that,i don’t know if u can help with with that{ is my email address}. thanks!

  57. isay says:

    kindly help me in activating the internet in my blackberry curve 8520. i’m using smart.. i’ve already set my gprs/mms/3g but there’s no reply. thank you.

  58. Dovlet says:

    Hi, I have Blackberry Storm 2 9520. I had it with contract in UK and as leave the country i unlocked it and wanted to use with another network. After unlocking I Reloaded the os in order some causes. Now There is no internet connection whatsoever, I tried everything. And my carrier gave me this gprs.tmcell (network name is TM CELL) and I am not sure but if im right it should be APN right? so tried to put it and reboot it after and still nothing, when I open Services Status it shows:

    Mobile Voice
    Status: available
    Connection: Mobile Network
    Blackberry Internet Service
    Connection: not connected
    Blackberry Enterprise Server
    Connection: not connected

    So If there any suggestions please. Thank You.

  59. sheila says:

    hey, i live in Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina! i have blackberry curve 8310 and i need internet activation! help me please… my e-mail is :**

  60. anaqi says:

    i have a blackberry 8310 and i live brunei…but i still cant get internet? do you know how i can get it ?

  61. Paul Yero says:

    i have a blackberry 8300 with an MTN Sim, i need information on how to configure the browser on the phone

  62. yaro says:

    I use a black berry bold 9000 with an MTN Nigeria sim, how do configure it to browse for free,install opera mini 4.2. Please get back to me tru my email.

  63. qoshh says:

    hi i have a blackberry curve 8520 and im using suncellular sim. i can browse the internet using wifi but i cant seem to use the messengers (blackberry messenger, yahoo messenger even the face book app) it says this handheld is not registered to your wireless subscriber etc. any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • skittles says:

      @qoshh, hi! i am also using a sun cellular sim for my Blackberry Storm but can’t use those applications. any advice you can give? tnx..

  64. Moses Ojo says:

    Help me to configure/activate my Blackberry 9630 Please kindly send me the details to my e-mail.THANKS.

  65. Moses Ojo says:

    Please send me complete activation for my BLACKBERRY 9630

  66. jhen says:

    hi i bought a china phone blackberry 8900 clone i can’t connect to internet pls can help me how to set up GPRS??? thanks

  67. OSWELL says:



    have my blackberry 7230 powered by T-mobile. However, i want to setup my gprs mtn networks. Is it possible? Please email me if you have any suggestion and you can send me message on me phone 07034715186 plz help me for God seek

  69. Olaniyi says:

    I have a blackberry 8700 powered by AT&T..I wish to configure it manually here in Nigeria with an Mtn or Zain SIM CARD….Please,send me some suggestion to my privte email address…Thanks

  70. Emer says:

    have my blackberry 8100 pearl powered bv T-mobile. However, i want to setup my gprs globe networks. Is it possible? Please email me if you have any sugestions. ,

  71. ademola talabi says:

    i have a blackberry 7230 powered by Zain. how can i configure the Internet and the Gprs. kindly advise

  72. ademola talabi says:

    i have blackberry 7230 how can i configure the Internet and the Gprs on it. please advise.

  73. silvia says:

    Help! i just bought a blackberry curve and i have unlimited web browsing, but the thing is that the setup browser says that the activation request failed and a service connection is unavailable. What do I do???

  74. Rohit Pathak says:

    i want to use internet on my blackberry on but i don’t have settings. so plz send me internet settings on my id

  75. Jian ochoa says:

    I have my blackberry 8100 pearl powered bv T-mobile. However, i want to setup my gprs in both smart and globe networks. Is it possible? Please email me if you have any sugestions. , 09085600908. Thanks

  76. Jahziel Carleen says:

    Hi.. how about activating GPRS in my BlackBerry (powered by AT&T) 8310 Globe Telecoms.? please email me at . really need your help.